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Let The Big Bike Revival help you enjoy cycling again

Do you own a bike, but never use it? Be honest now, as according to Cycling UK, 42% of us say so. And we understand it – often the most exciting part of cycling is choosing a brand new bike and taking it with you for the first few trips. But as soon as there's a puncture, or the chain gets stiff or the weather worsens, it's easy for you to fall out of the habit of cycling and forget how much fun it is – invigorating fun when you wrap your hair – Cycling is.

The Big Bike Revival is a campaign designed to help you discover your old ways of driving, get used to the many joys of cycling, and get used to the habit of being a daily commuter or fair-weather driver Who comes out when the weather is nice, or who is an avid fan of Sunday's long ride?

As part of the campaign, Cycling UK offers free bicycle check-ups, maintenance and repair shops so you can quickly fix any mechanical problems you encounter by riding. In addition, there are group rides that you can take part in nationwide, so you do not have to go alone on your return to the saddle.

Avoiding Biking for Lack of Confidence There are also learning experiences that will help you regain confidence in your ability to ride a bicycle and that come to your mind very quickly. There is a saying somewhere.

This is the fifth year of the Big Bike Revival, where 1

,100 events took place in 2018. As part of the campaign, around 7,500 motorcycles were repaired and 13,000 new bike rides were undertaken. And best of all, around 9,000 people started cycling more often after attending one of the events. The evidence shows that it works. So, if you're interested in getting back on your bike, be sure to go to the next event map, which lists the various events that take place as part of the Big Bike Revival in the UK.

Finding Big Bike Revival Events

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