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Less is More: Simple, Efficient Exercises for When You Are Crunched for Time

"If I only had more time!" An expression, I often hear, and one I am doing my best to get away from. Why … because the expression became an excuse as to why I was not getting all the pain and promoting wellness. So, I'm starting to end a cardio session with 10-20 minutes of a week. Research in high intensity training show is effective for metabolic and strength gains. The key is to make sure you keep the INTENSITY.

Below is one of my total gym workouts when I have as little as 10 minutes. The I want to focus on my form and not learning new and complex movements, I use the exercises on the Total Gym and give it my all.

Do you want to focus on strength, endurance, power, or combination of all three? Set your timer for 45 -60 seconds, with an optional 20 second rest between exercises.

For strength, your focus is on slowing down the movement and performing 8-1

2 reps within a 45 second time period.

For endurance, your pace will increase to complete 15-20 reps in a 45 second period or perform as many reps as you can with a good technique in a 45-60 second time period.

If the focus is power, then add a plyometric, like burpees or jump squats. The number of reps you want to start on your fitness level, you may start at 5 reps for beginners or 30 reps for more advance participants.

There are 3 exercises each with 3 exercises, providing a 10-30-minute routine depending on how many sets you perform. Typically, I want to perform slower than the next time, I will do the slower paced movement faster or with power. I have yet to get bored, I continue to be in a good way, and I no longer let time be my barrier!

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