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Last-minute gifts under $ 30 to win Christmas

The month of December seems to contradict all laws of space and time. It feels like New Year's Day was just yesterday, then you blinked and Christmas is a week away. If you have not finished shopping yet, do not panic – we've got you covered. We found 6 great gifts, all of which came in for $ 30 or less, which will delight even the pickiest person on your list as a punch.

A hat with built-in headphones? Genius. Even better? It's less than $ 18. Perfect for friends or relatives who can not live without music, this hat is a great gift!

This ab roller set is a fantastic choice to complete any home gym. For less than $ 15, you'll thrill everyone on your list while staying thrifty motorists.

Take care: you might want to keep that to yourself. This easy to install trampoline is a great find for the cardio lover in your life! At just under $ 30, this is a big steal.

Resistance Bands are a must for the work enthusiast. With a 5 star rating, one can safely say that these bands are the bands. Give a workout at home with these amazing bands for only $ 1


Create a fantastic workout with the deck draw! These cards are the secret ingredient for a fantastic workout that will keep everyone on their toes. For less than $ 20 you can not ask for a better gift!

This foam roller is the crème de la crème for enthusiastic massage rollers. With its strategic grid, this massage roller works for all aches and pains (except the neck!).

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