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L.L.Beans summer sale is open and bean boots cost less than $ 100

Is it just us or does it feel hotter and wetter from day to day? Summer is officially here and the last thing we want to think about is snowshoes.

But if you go shopping now, you can save cash at L. L. Bean's crazy popular bean boots. Yup, the same ones who are going to have a massive waiting list will fall. LLBeans Summer Sale offers up to 50% off selected items – including the most popular winter shoe.

The unique silhouette of LL Bean Bean Boot offers first-class support and comfort with a leather upper that resists wetness and thick rubber soles that keep you from slipping. The bean boot is probably the gold standard of snow and rain shoes.

The catch? L.L.Bean only lowers prices for his limited and small bean boots. Make no mistake, you can still buy the original bean boat – you only have to pay the full price. But if you're looking for a great pair of snowshoes that do not feel ubiquitous, then LLBeans Limited Edition options add a stylish flair to your winter outfit.

Of course, LLBean's Summer Sale has much more to offer than its typical boots. From swimwear to backpacks to camping gear, there are many great shopping offers. Here are some of our favorite finds that you can add to your cart: