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Kristen Bell uses these two tools for stretching and self-care every night


Photo: Jason Kempin / Getty Images

When there are a million things to do and only 24 hours a day, self care is not just "nice to have", it is a must-have thing. Kristen Bell is making the queen self-care a priority, despite being a full-time wife, mother, actress and now entrepreneur since she launched her new baby line, Hello Bello (19659004).

In addition to a killer skincare routine and a realistic approach, Bell believes stretching at the end of the day is especially helpful when it comes to rebalancing body and mind. (See: Should You Try a Supported Stretch Class?)

"I've bought every stretch machine for you or yoga balls I've been advertised on Instagram," she told us earlier, "but I really do have some good ones, which I keep in a small basket by my bed. "[1

9659004] The first is the Plexus Wheel (Buy It, $ 46, amazon.com), commonly known as the Yoga Wheel , Yogis are obsessed with this spherical tool, but not only is it a great tool to improve your practice – it can also work wonders to increase blood flow to specific parts of the spine. When you lie down on the yoga wheel, you get perfect support for your back so that you release enough tension to really relax. "I've used it every day for the past few weeks and it's unbelievably beneficial," said Bell. (See also: The Best New Recovery Tools In The Event Your Muscle Is Sore)

Next, Bell Yamuna Balls (Buy It, $ 61, Amazon.com) vows to close quarters to reach and go up both sides of your spine. While stretching tools such as the foam roller treat the body like a whole muscle, Yamuna balls can be muscle-specific, allowing you to get into and around joints like the hip and shoulder and separate any vertebra in your back to make room.

Often stretching is overlooked in your everyday life because it does not produce results that are not like lifting weights or making changes to your diet. Stretching exercises are so important not only for optimizing exercise performance but also for improving posture and balance.

In addition, the time spent stretching can be just as important to your mental health. Bell says, "It's such an important, mindful exercise to stretch your body for a few minutes, even my girls will do it with me at bedtime, and I find that ordinary self-care keeps me on a really good path keep an eye on my body. "

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