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Kristen Bell fainted when she tried to remove her menstrual cup


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More and more women are replacing tampons and pads with the menstrual cup, a sustainable, chemical-free and low-maintenance option. Celebrities such as Candance Cameron Bure are enthusiastic supporters of the then-product – and even one of Tampax's biggest tamping brands – jumped on board and released a number of menstrual cups, but while the change is painless for most, others may not have the same experience , Good Place Actress Kristen Bell is one of these people.

Recently, Bell told how things went terribly wrong for her with a menstrual cup: "I tried the DivaCup, but I had a very strange experience," Bell told Busy Philipps on her new talk show, Busy Tonight (ICYMI, periods have somehow a moment.) Here's why everyone is obsessed with periods now.)

"A menstrual cup is difficult and requires some trial and error, and you must be ready …" said Philip. "To find out," Bell added. "To find out, really."

Bell went on to report how her DivaCup was actually there. "I went to pack it, and there was something that was sucked to the wrong part of me," she said. Bell described the feeling that "something was tugging at her inside" ̵

1; and she caused her to faint in the bathroom there.

"I completely fainted and came to me and still did not have it. I then had to remember, like, 'Okay, you have to hold on, you have to grab hard, you have to be strong,' said Bell. "I tore it out, but after that I was like, maybe I should take a break. Maybe it's not for me. "(Related: This High-Tech Menstural Cup is about to change its period)

She went on to explain that the reason she probably fainted, Vasovagal syncope, a condition in which your vagus nerve overreacts to certain triggers, such as blood or extreme emotional distress, leading to a sudden drop in blood pressure leading to fainting, as the vagus nerve branches to the whole body and directly to the cervix Besides, it is likely that the feeling and pressure of pulling out the menstrual cup will cause Bell to faint, but apart from that, this condition is usually harmless and needs no treatment.

If you want to switch to a menstrual cup, it is perhaps worth mentioning that taking out is not always pleasant and can have some impact on time and exercise, as we already have In addition, most menstrual cups are available in two sizes, small and large. It is usually recommended that women who have not yet been born opt for the smaller choice. But it's important to find out by trial and error what works best for you.

The good news: menstrual cups have been around for 80 years and have fainted on use.

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