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Kris Gethins 7 indestructible rules for muscle growth

A few years ago, Kris Gethin was a dedicated bodybuilder. Today, the founder of Kaged Muscle Supplements is still that – and much more.

In recent years, Gethin has diversified his fitness curriculum to include both an Ironman and an Ultramarathon while maintaining his usual intensity in the gym day in, day out. Gethin proves all over the world that just being a one-dimensional animal in the weight room is not hard enough. The true definition of hardcore? A relentless hunt for improvements in all areas of life.

If you're one of the millions who have seen Gethin's mentoring in his iconic programs like the 1

2-week hardcore video trainer or the 12-week muscle-building trainer, you know how Kris trains and how he lives are two inseparable parts of the same project. To prioritize your workouts and lifestyle to grow in the gym and outdoors, follow these steps.

Overcome plateaus with intensity, not just volume

You can not throw a shaker bottle into the weight room without hitting someone who lives and dies with 3 sets of 10-12 in just about every move. (Note: Please do not throw shaker bottles into the weight room.) Of course, this classic set-and-rep scheme is popular for a reason: it allows you to move efficiently from station to station, from machine to machine and a feeling of having little burn and the weights rising.

  Overcome plateaus with intensity, not just volume

At least for a while. As the weight increases, many lifters try to overcome this "plateau" by making more movements. In his popular article "Kris Gethin's 4 Essential Intensity Booster Techniques for More Muscles," he says, a better way is to try to get more out of every movement you make. This means trying out techniques like the following:

  • Supersets
  • Giant Phrases
  • Dropsets
  • Forced Repeats

"When [these techniques] have a unifying theme, they shorten the pause times and achieve high repetitions instead of minor repetitions and get my body – and yours – out of the comfort zone, "says Kris.

Yes, almost always you need to lose weight and feel more discomfort with your nice little workout. Only outside of this comfort zone can you revive progress in a stagnant body.

. 2 But sometimes your muscles drown in volume

The most legendary Gethin workouts have one thing in common: they burn like nothing that you would ever have thought you would voluntarily submit to. As the lactate gathers in your muscles, you curse Kris, cursing yourself, pushing through every attempt your body makes to rest.

Funny? It's really. Especially for the shoulders.

Gethin encourages you to work with him in this crazy, shoulder-filling shoulder workout. Dr. Kaleb Redden Rep-for-Rep, Set-for-Set and Sweat-for-Sweat. "If you can not drink your in-kaged or you can not stand up at the end of the workout, you know you're on the right path," he says.

  7. Unbreakable Rules of Muscle Growth [19659019] 3. Bulk with Food, Not Trash </strong></h3>
<p>  If you spend a few weeks on a Gethin battlefield like the 12-week Muscle Building Trainer or the 8-Weeks -Hardcore Trainers Generally Start Your Body Send an Unforgettable Message: Feed me! </p>
<p>  You can answer this call in two ways: in the transit or grocery and in the kitchen. For Kris, this choice is the point at which the Diehards are separated from the Pretenders. </p>
<p>  Building muscle requires more food than the norm – that's beyond doubt. But Gethin is a supporter of quality calories and does not spend money on foods that produce mediocre results. No, that does not have to be anything special. In his article "4 Essential Foods for Budget Bulking," he breaks through the confusion and learns the truth about how to grow muscle with food, such as: </p>
<li>  Oatmeal </li>
<li>  Rice cake </li>
<li>  Canned fish </li>
<li>  19659009] Dried fruits and Nuts </li>
<p>  Yes, these foods are more than just the job of helping you build muscle without shrinking your bank account. </p>
<p> <a id=

. 4 Live a High-Testosterone Lifestyle

Nothing brings your results in the gym like a testosterone level. However, raising it or maintaining it at a healthy level is not just a matter of the right hack. It's about aligning your decisions throughout the day with the unique goal of maximizing testosterone. This includes every aspect of the fit, including:

  • exercise selection
  • exercise duration and scheduling
  • distribution of macronutrients
  • alcohol consumption and other vices
  • supplements
  • sleep quality and quantity
  • Cortisol levels

This is the big stuff that disguises itself as a small stuff. Keep a pen in hand – you should take notes – and follow Kris' tips in "16 Ways to Boost Your Testosterone". It's a gold mine of nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle and training tips to keep the king of muscle building hormones on the throne.

. 5 Do not skip cardio, diversify it

Cardio is not something that Kris came to recently. Since the classic 12-week hardcore video coach, he joins in daily or even twice a day and lives since then for role models. For health, body composition, fitness results, and even things like sleep quality and digestion, he swears that 30-45 minutes of moderately intense sweating can not be beat daily.

  Dont Skip Cardio, Diversify It [19659041] However, the way Kris starts to sweat has changed dramatically. Nowadays you will find it more on a bike or on a trail than on a treadmill. This is partly because he has expanded his sporting goals with things like distance triathlons and ultramarathons. But another part is because these activities can actually help him to be a better lifter - seriously! </p>
<p>  "There are so many benefits to the endurance race that it is a shame that many of my iron brothers do not experience it," writes Kris, "What every bodybuilder needs to know about running." "I just want bodybuilders to understand that they can experience so much more and still be a bodybuilder." </p>
<p>  The same goes for cycling, as explained in the article "What every bodybuilder needs to know about cycling". But be warned: In both activities, planning and engineering are just as important as in the weight room. </p>
<p>  "Your size can quickly work against you, unless you have the right approach," says Kris. 19659002] Learn Kris' research – and mistakes along the way – and follow the path to "Hybrid Athletics" outlined in the inspirational video series "Man of Iron". </p>
<h3><strong> . 6 Pay for Your Holiday Sins </strong></h3>
<p>  In most cases, building muscle and burning fat is about doing solid work in the gym and making good nutrition choices when nobody is watching. But sometimes a small surplus is inevitable. Kris gets it. But do not expect sympathy. </p>
<p>  "Here's my philosophy: If you want to survive the holidays, you have to burn to pay for your sins," says Kris. </p>
<p>  And no, the "burn" does not consist of a few curls and presses. Take a look at Kris' 25-minute Holiday Damage Control Workout and you'll see it's legs. The excuse "I'm not in town" is useless, because she has the full body weight and is out of grandma's living room. </p>
<p>  bookmark for this workout. Fear it But do it. </p>
<div class=  7 Unbreakable Rules of Muscle Growth

7. Use Any Tool Available to You

A lot of virtual ink has been spilled and the virtues of dumbbell bench presses against barbell, cable-flying machine guns, EZ-Rod Prediger lures or … you get it. So here is the deal. They all work in their own way, and in the course of a long relationship with the weight room you can and should use them all – and many other tools you could not even imagine.

Kris brings this point home using machines daily and making sure they work for every muscle group he wants. As a lifter who lives and dies on the mind-muscle connection, he knows it will work if it feels right. Period. Some of his favorites are:

  • Bent rows on a shoulder press machine
  • Reduction of chest pressure on the leg lock machine
  • Triceps pushers on the platform of a supported pull-up machine. Tall Cable Reels at Lat Pull Station

"My weight was taken down" is no excuse. Use Kris' Machine Chops for Chest, Back, Shoulders, Triceps, and Biceps, and watch a world of new possibilities open around you.

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