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Kendall Jenner's "Most Raw" story was about finding treatment for her cystic acne

Kris Jenner got annoyed over the weekend that a new announcement about her daughter Kendall 's life was imminent, one that said Kris on Twitter was "her raw one History. "The revelation turned out to be a new partnership between Kendall and the acne treatment company Proactiv.

Although some fans felt the announcement was not exactly what they expected this is a reminder This acne is very common – and not always something that just disappears with time.

In the video that coincides with this year's Golden Globes, Jenner recalls her experience at last year's awards.

As [19459004SELFwrittenatthetime Jenner's photos on the red carpet showed that she was struggling with acne that day. That's what some people have focused on Twitter, both in a negative and positive way. "Ok, but @KendallJenner, who shows up and wets his acne while looking like a great star, is what every girl needs to understand," wrote one person. And Jenner replied, "Do not let that shit stop you!"

"I remember that I was at an awards last year, and I was very excited, I've never been before," says Jenner in the new video. "I remember getting ready that day, putting on my make-up, laying down on the carpet and feeling really good with myself – I loved my dress and my hair and make-up. up was so nice. "

But when she went online later, she saw "all the horrible things that people said about me and my skin." I felt so good that I completely forgot that I had bad skin. "From then on things got a bit better:" Then I remember that I got some tweets that made a lot of tweets about how proud people are of me thought, "Oh, wait, that's kind of cool. "And it completely turned my energy around."

"At the same time, I want it to go away," she says in the video, before blaming Proactiv for clearer skin.

Acne is amazing What works for one person does not necessarily work for another person.

And of course, Jenner has access to options that others may not use.

It may be easy to tell yourself that you should shake off your problems as "just acne." However, other skin problems (such as rosacea) can be confused with acne. In some cases, it can be difficult to determine what acne actually causes. Hormonal acne for example, often follows a specific pattern as estrogen and progesterone levels fluctuate throughout the month. However, this pattern may not be obvious unless you work with a dermatologist who can help you find it.

Also, as SELF previously wrote What Can Cope With Persistent Acne or Other Visible Skin Problems Take a very high toll on your mental health. If your current treatments do not seem to help, it may be beneficial to speak with a dermatologist for a variety of reasons.


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