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Kelsey Horton changed her mindset for a transformation in the Titan style

It is a common starting point for women undergoing a dramatic transformation in health: low self-esteem and a negative attitude to eating. It never gets old to hear them beat. The journey of all people is different – how they got there, where they led them and what impact they want to have on others.

Universal-sponsored athlete Kelsey Horton is one such woman who is fed up with crash dieting and her lack of self-confidence. After giving birth to her daughter in 2010 and tipping the scales at 175 pounds a year later, Horton decided it was time to lose weight and negative body image.

"I was always very active as a kid, but I never felt really well in my skin," she says. "One day I decided that enough was enough, I had no idea what I was doing, and since I did not know better, fast weight loss meant 500 calories per day and hour to hour on the treadmill." 1

9659002] As she's learned the hard way, this approach can only go on for so long. Horton lost the unwanted pounds, but her point of view did not improve until she found the weight room and its convenience better than just fitting a particular denim size – a passion for lifting heavy weight.

"The Minute I Stop Trying When I train to find a particular path, I began to realize the potential my body actually had, and it was absolutely beautiful to look at." "In my own skin to feel good and to love myself – that was the real treasure. "

Today, Horton uses her platform to influence other mothers as well as her, which has brought her to NBC's "The Titan Games."

This is her story.

When did your problems with self-confidence and body image begin?

I always had tremendous legs and noticed that they did not look like other girls' legs I had it in my head that meant that I was overweight. No way would I ever fit in size 0 jeans, back then or today. People made comments and I took it to heart, but I saw it in my head. It's weird because people are now asking how they can get quads like mine, but it was my biggest insecurity.

  I always had enormous legs and noticed that they did not look like the legs of other girls.

What triggered this moment When was enough?

I was overweight after the birth of my daughter. You gain all this weight if you think that your child will weigh 20 pounds or something! Then one of my good friends got married in the summer of 2011, and she wanted me to become a bridesmaid. I knew that photos would be taken, and of course I would wear a dress. I thought,
"I do not want to look and feel like I'm looking and feeling anymore." It was definitely daunting, because in three months I had a lot of work to prepare for the wedding. I had about 30 pounds to fall in my head. At that time, the crash diets and continuous running began.

The weight decreased. I could finally fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans and I loved the number I saw on the scales, but deep inside I was not happy and knew that I could not stand this lifestyle. I did not want to pass on birthday cake, do not neglect baking cookies with my daughter, or have such an unhealthy relationship with food.

When did you reach the point where you wanted to do more than just train

My husband and I moved to New Mexico for a new engineering job, and I came back with a friend, with whom I used to run the college track. He got a job in the same area and we started training together. I lost steam, and I figured I might be able to do something in addition to running and still see results. My buddy said, "Let me train with you in the gym, we'll start lifting weights and see if you like them." I agreed, and when I found the iron I finally got a purpose for the training. He had grown up in a powerlifting family, training and competing, so I somehow fell into him. After about a year, in March 2013, I passed my first competition.

What are you doing now to get a healthy body image?

I look at my own daughter, and I realize how I'm going to influence her. I know she'll have some self-doubt at some point, but I do not want her to fight with it as much as I do. I try to show her what it's like to be confident and to lead by example. She is almost nine years old, which is a really impressive age. I watch her look at the nutritional information, and I always say, yes, we should know what goes into our body, but it's not something we have to worry about too much.

You were recently in "The Titan Games." What was the reason for your participation in a TV show for physical competitions?

It took me miles out of my comfort zone. I did not think I would do it alone, but I did it to find the courage to tackle this experience and to know that many people, despite my results, have put my best foot forward. I'm there to win, but also to use the platform to reach out to many people and encourage them to emerge from uncomfortable but high-growth challenges.

  It took me miles from my comfort zone. [

] What would you like to accomplish if you share your journey as a lifter and mother in social media and television competition?

They reach only one woman and encourage her to defeat the female status quo at home. I want her to be good at making self-love a priority and taking time for her goals, whether it's fitness or not. As mothers we not only have to live to serve others – we can also take our time. We are often on the way back, and we do it ourselves. We feel that we have to take care of everything, and although that is true in some cases, we must also put ourselves first.

What are your goals on the horizon?

Powerlifting is not a big deal where I live, and I'm trying to make it more available. I'm helping to hold the first USPA approved meeting in South Dakota. Most people travel for at least six hours to compete in the area. There is one really special woman who signed up for the meeting. She lives in an Indian reservation and said that if our meeting did not happen, she would never be able to compete. She is also a mother, so that's very important to me and lets me know that we're doing something good. I hope to be able to compete again sometime this year. I have not had a meeting since last April, so it was a hot minute, but I had to train differently for the Titan Games.

What additions do you use and love?

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