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Keep moving your resolutions with this February calendar

The holiday is over, and right now the New Year resolutions often lose their power – but do not leave them! The most difficult part is to get started and the second most common is to get ahead, even if you have not seen the results you are working towards. It takes time. Trust the process and the long-term plan to build a stronger, healthier life. Tools like these can be helpful in keeping the momentum going.

Just download this wellness calendar and fill in the days to make sure you stay active and organized. Do not forget to fill in the goals and ranges and maybe add one or two personal adventures. This should not be all work! Good luck.

Download Blank February Calendar

Download Full Calendar 2018

Want more direction?

Try our beginner plan with the recommended workouts and times to get fit in the first 30 days. If you prefer to tailor these plans to your personal abilities and needs, you can attend your next Anytime Fitness to work with a certified personal trainer. We also have more detailed, goal-oriented fitness plans:

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