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Katie Austin's 15-minute Resistance Band Workout

We love fitness aficionado Katie Austin for her super-fun, high-energy workouts – and her special focus on training the important loot. The next time you need a quick workout that you can do anytime, anywhere, follow the video above. All you need is a resistance band – and you can still do that ten-minute sequence if you do not have one.

This short but efficient routine begins with a jump-up warmup and dynamic stretching. Do not forget to inhale and exhale deeply as you prepare your body to sweat.

Next, grab your resistance band (we like this set of Theraband). If you do not have one, it's fine to keep it. Follow only with your body weight. Or, says Austin, a few hand weights or even cans from your pantry to make the movements harder.

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With your arms straight in front of you, gently press them together, stretch the band to warm your upper body.

Extend your arms over your head and pull the tape down from side to side to begin work on the back muscles. If you feel comfortable there, add a lateral lunge to the movement to increase the intensity.

After a few lunges on each side, stretch your arms behind you, with a slight bend in your knees, and pulse your arms in and out again.


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Next, Austin shows you how to wrap the resistance band around your ankle (and later your thighs) for a series of leg and loot exercises. Everyone is provided with a simple addition to get your arms started.

Eventually, you'll remove your resistance band and get yourself down on the floor or on your mat, abdominal muscles, a few last loot exercises, and one quickly cool and stretch as your heart rate slows down.

Finish by rolling your shoulders out to shake off the workout – and any stress or worry you've had that day, says Austin.

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