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K pop star Jay Park shares his MMA style workout routine

Korean-American music star Jay Park relies on MMA training to keep fit for his many endeavors. The man has an extensive résumé: he is a singer, rapper, songwriter, record producer, dancer, choreographer and entrepreneur.

“I’ve been training for a long time, and in order to sing and dance on stage and not pass out, you definitely have to be very, very fit,” says Park. “When it comes to dancing, I do choreography and b-boy and breakdance. I do flips too, so you have to be fit and light-footed to pull off this.”

His workouts are designed like MMA fighters because they “need to be strong, flexible, robust, well balanced, but also quick on their feet. Your workouts correlate well with what I̵

7;m doing.”

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Plus, exercising keeps him healthy in all aspects of his life.

“Fitness is very important to your physical health, your immune system, and also your mental health,” says Park.

Park took the opportunity to give that MH Crew and insight into their training in the Korean Zombie MMA gym in Seoul, South Korea. He works with his trainer Chan Sung “Korean Zombie” Chung, a successful UFC featherweight fighter, and training partner and music producer Woogie.

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The warm up

Exercise 1A: Forward steps
50 repetitions

Exercise 1B: Side kicks
50 repetitions

Exercise 1C: high knees
50 repetitions

Exercise 2: foot tapping to the burpee (spread)
20 repetitions

Exercise 3: Quick step burpee high jump
20 repetitions

Exercise 4: Push-ups to sit through
3 sets of 10 reps

Park likes this combination exercise as a warm up for his most intense sessions as it helps loosen up his lower body. “And at the same time, your heart rate will increase so you will work up a little sweat and be ready for your workout,” says Park.

He also notes that to be able to work with the burpee, one must have firm, strong calf and leg muscles so that it can move very smoothly and smoothly while dancing. And the push-up sit-throughs also help him engage his core, straighten his shoulders, and improve balance and stability.

The workout

“This is a very good cardio workout, and just a good full-body workout in general,” says Park. “There’s a lot of footwork, a lot of shifting, a lot of core, a lot of balance, and a lot of shifting. You use every muscle in your body.”

Exercise 1: Boxing Pad Work
5 rounds of 5 minutes each

“If you hit the pads doing the exercises and combos, this is a great source for cardio and a full-body workout,” says Park. “As you can see I’m very out of breath. Second, it feels good to see the progress. As you work harder, you see how you hit the pads more accurately, you see the strength of your weight behind the punches. And Third, it’s a very good stress reliever. You have a bad day at work, you think about your boss … ”

Exercise 2: one-legged row of dumbbells
3 sets of 6 reps

Park gets help from his friend Woogie to keep his balance. If you don’t have a partner to help you stabilize, adopt a staggered posture until you can balance on your own.

Exercise 3: Plank Band Pulldown
3 sets of 5 repetitions per side

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