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Just COREgeous: Perfect combination of plank and crunch

Would you like to become COREgeous with a workout that strengthens, defines and even challenges your mind? If you answered yes … then we’ll do it!

In previous blogs, I’ve talked about the importance of doing the plank and crunch exercises with the correct form. If you missed these two blogs just click the links to find out more.



Your middle section plays a crucial role in almost all movements. The core initiates force movements while the extremities work in a coordinated manner or drive the movement from the core base. It is therefore imperative to develop strength proximally (trunk / core area) in order to be strong distally (arms / legs).


Performing these exercises in your Total Gym will challenge your core muscles from different angles, while allowing you to adjust to your own strength depending on the incline and position of your body you choose. Depending on the exercise and the direction you are in, the difficulty of the exercise is determined.

For example, if you run a couch facing away from the tower at a high incline, your back will become less spotty and it will be easier for you to lift your upper body to complete the sitting. Using a lower incline will make it more difficult for your core to do.


Before we dive into the workout details, let̵

7;s briefly review how to do a plank and crunch with the correct shape in your total gym.


Choose a suitable incline for your strength. (Higher is easier, lower is harder.)

1. Lie on the gliding board with your head closest to the tower. Position your feet hip-width apart with your knees bent.
2. Place your hands behind your head / head with your elbows open to support your neck.
3. Tuck your chin in slightly to maintain the natural curve of your spine and leave a small gap between your chin and your chest.
4. Draw in your abdominal muscles and imprint your lower back. Inhale to prepare, exhale as you curl your upper body (head, neck, shoulder blades) from the surface.
5. Hold the elevated position for a moment, then lower it halfway down while keeping the spine and torso imprint off the floor.

NOTE: Avoid arching yourself or creating a gap in your spine between reps.


Choose a suitable incline for your strength. (Higher is easier, lower is harder.)

1. Assume a four-legged position with your hands just below your shoulders and your hips just above your knees.
2. Keep your neck elongated and your nose in line with your middle fingers.
3. Pull your navel up and towards your spine to capture the core.
4. Tuck your toes under and float your knees off the floor.
5. Extend your legs straight while keeping your nose in line with your middle fingers.
6. Hold the straight arm plank while extending your torso from your head to your heels for a long time.

NOTE: Avoid arching or stabbing your lower spine!

Now that you have your core and plank shape perfected, this workout will be a breeze … or you will just be overwhelmed with the results you can get! Now let’s put these two exercises together for a challenging core routine.


Plan your workout with solid core movements that chisel and define your midsection. This workout combines a variety of core exercises that simultaneously train the entire body. Hence, you will get the most for your exercise time.

With each exercise, focus on getting in good shape. If you start to get tired, take a short break and then come back.


• Start with dynamic movements to warm up your muscles and prepare your core for the workout. (3-5 minutes)
• Do the training in circuit format (10 repetitions / exercise).
• Repeat 2 sets and then finish with the plank finishers.


• Do each exercise for 1 minute.
• Repeat 2 sets, then move on to the core circuit.
• Face storm
• Low incline

1. Crawl forearm plank
2. rainbow
Repeat 2 sentences


1.Superman planks (forearms or straight arms)
2. Crunch up / hips up
3. Straight leg goes down
4. Roll up toe touch (bent knee)
REPEAT 2 then sets …


(Face away from the tower)

5. Squat (hover flight)
6. Alternative side squat (alternating right and left)
7. Angled pike

(Face storm)

8. Down-Down / Up-Up
REPEAT 2 then sets …


Take a few minutes to finish your core workout with a few stretches to lengthen the muscles you work out and prepare you for your next workout!

Be sure to check out the video to demonstrate how this workout is done.

Get COREgeous with your core workout by focusing on the right form to challenge your muscles.


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