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Jessamyn Stanley On Resolutions, the State of Body Positivity, and Getting Strong

Everybody Yoga Author Jessamyn Stanley for her outspoken (and always eloquent) views about the body-positive movement, yoga, and period pride.

But soon she might grapple with her Instagram off the yoga mat and under a barbell.

We are looking forward to inspiring New Year's campaign with ClassPass. She shared her feelings for the cause and the movement of the body, and the goal she just made this year. [Including the pending launch of her app, The Under Belly.]

Her # 1 Goal for This Year

or 'I'm scared to try it out,' and I say, 'Just go, it's no big deal!' – but I'm totally like that with non-yoga classes So I guess the bigger resolution this year is to try new things and so I think it's a big deal get outside of my comfort zone.

"I always used to make resolutions, but then over the past couple of years, I did not want to say it and then I can not afford it. It does not have anything to do with it. I've had what I call 'unresolutions,' which is when I hold the goal (whatever it is) close to my heart. I do not tell the world that I'm doing it, but it's something I know that I'm doing. Gluten-has inspired me to try resolutions again. This year, I'm just going to lean into it. "

Why She's Adding Squats to Her Asanas

" This year, I really want to get into CrossFit. I got into weightlifting a little more last year and I did a private CrossFit class that I loved. [Read about her first CrossFit experience here.] I'm still scared to just show up to class. I want to do CrossFit so that I can get more specific about my weightlifting goals.

I saw something years ago that said I think I'm lifting weights because I want to look different or lose weight, but really I just want to put it to bench press a bear. ' But as I, I am, I have a lot of self-doubt and a lack of confidence, especially physical confidence think of yoga kind of weightlifting with your own bodyweight, in a way-so having the same mentality, but with actual extra weight-the feeling is very fulfilling for me. So, it's just a really good complement to everything else I do- hiking, paddleboarding, etc.

"Every time I watch powerlifting competitions, I'm like," I can do that. I should be doing that. ' Maybe the end of this year, I'll be training for a competition or something. "

The State of Yoga and Body Positivity

" My perspective has changed a lot in the past two years. [Here̵

7;s what she had to say about the topics in 2016, at the beginning of her rise as a yoga celeb.] [19459113] I've really started to think about it. See . Showing it to other people. I think that's a lot of the body-positivity movement.

"There are so many people practicing yoga everywhere, who buy all the leggings, who have I just love fashion, I love my leggings-I get it. And in body positivity, it's a cute selfie on Instagram. "I think what we do."

"I think what we do I'm not. I'm not there anymore out here like, 'You should be positive! You can do it!' 100% of the time you do not care about that, you do not worry about what you're doing can actually make a difference. " (Next read: Where the Body-Positive Movement Stands and Where It Needs to Go)

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