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Jay Maryniak's impossible one-take training

Six minutes: That's less time than is probably needed to warm up in front of the lift. Heck, you may still be looking for a foam roller as it passes by. But the personal trainer and the functional gym Jay Maryniak can take their time and put away a whole workout, which is also one of the best inspirations for the gym that you will see this year.

In his unbelievable one-take training, Maryniak puts on a full-body full-body fitness performance with some well-known moves, and some may never have seen her the way he does. His heavy breathing shows how intense this is for him. But he never stops, never hesitates and never baffles.

  In his incredible one-take workout, Maryniak does a full-body fitness with some familiar moves, and some you've never seen before as he does.

If you're looking for targets, you could do a lot worse. Just expect it to take a lot of time to get to its level with a certain movement in the lineup. All of them? Dream On. You may also want to train for a few weeks, such as Maryniak's occasional high-flying crime partner, Michael Vazquez, creator of Ripped Remix: 28 Day Full Body Fitness Plan.

Maryniak has built a fan base of 343,000 followers on Instagram by sharing creative skills and abilities every day. Train like this guy and you'll never be bored again – or out of shape.

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