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Is "Stranger Things" scary? – How scary are we & # 39; stranger things & # 39;

If you have never seen Strange Things the next few weeks will be a good time to catch up on seasons one and two before the third season premieres on July 4th. But judging by threads that have appeared in forums like Reddit, Quora, some people are worried that the Netflix series is too scary for them to deal with.

So, what's the deal? Can you watch the show without having nightmares for weeks? Here is something to know.

Is Strange Things scary or what?

You can definitely rule out some fears, exciting situations, and scary storylines, like a "demogorgon" terrorizing a small town or group of people trapped in a government building surrounded by a bunch of deadly monsters. Although we recognize that the level of tolerance is different for everyone, the general consensus is that Stranger Things is more "scary" than "scary" and more "thriller" than "horror." It has minimal amounts of blood, so do not go for it and wait saw or something.

If you are genuinely concerned and anxious about these horseshoes, you should know that there is a website listing all members of the first and second seasons. They are a lot less scary if you know they are coming.

Some Other Things to Prepare for: The music for Stranger Things adds a scary level to the scenes, and the idea that there is a nasty alternative world parallel to our own Universe is adding a crazy existential element to the show.

If you need the word of other viewers to influence you, the good people of r / StrangerThings discussed how scary the show actually is, with most users agreeing that the show is more of a thriller and has a scary scale of 1

has -10, the show ranks between 4-6.

Frozen Pandaman said that they really, really, hate horror, "but they enjoyed Stranger Things . "It sometimes focuses on scary or scary things, but the main purpose of the show is not just to scare you," they added.

HidallyDidally123 stated that the storyline makes you forget the scary elements: "For me, the fear was overshadowed by the quality of the story and the characters, so in the end I was not so worried that the Demogorgon was lurking behind my shower curtain when Hopper got in the car and Will spit out a snail and whether Mike and Eleven would ever go to the snowball or not :). "

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