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Is an expensive haircut worth it?

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How much would you be willing to pay for a haircut? For a long time I thought that one A quick visit to my hairdresser should not cost me more than $ 20. I not only have a tight budget, it always went well for me, which means I know it's different for everyone, the average cost in the US for a haircut for men according to the Professional Beauty Association $ 28. In urban cities such as New York, San Francisco and Chicago, prices tend to be much higher.

High-quality salons for men, however, can be found almost everywhere and the haircuts in these places can be basic service for most at $ 50. To be honest, I've always been interested to see what it's like for men who pay a pretty penny for it h cut her hair in a chic salon. Like many men, I want my hair to look as good as they can, and perhaps a high-end salon offers that. But is a more expensive haircut really worth the price? I've thought about this question when I arranged a haircut with celebrity hairdressers Oscar Blandi owner of the Oscar Blandi salon in East Midtown Manhattan, the largest salon in New York City. Each of his stylists costs between $ 80 and $ 200 for a normal haircut. While this may seem exaggerated to the average customer, I was curious to find out for myself and to see if it was really anything other than the haircut that I would normally pay $ 20 for.

Upon entering the salon on the second floor on Madison Avenue, I was immediately drawn to how huge it was. A huge amount of light rays through the floor-to-ceiling windows surrounding the 13,000-square-foot space. After reporting to the friendly receptionist, I surrendered to my affiliation and wrapped myself up in an Oscar Blandi branded robe. I went through all of them to take a seat at Oscar's Station and noticed the clientele, which consisted mainly of older, rich-looking women with expensive bags and designer shoes. At some point I felt like a scam that favors a place with so much wealth and bougie flavor. I quickly tried to let go of my insecurity and made an effort to pretend that I belonged to it and accepted a bottle of water offered to me as he smiled at the staff.

Finally Oscar made his way and introduced himself to me before we started. After a short talk, I told him how I wanted to have my hair cut. He thought about my high skin-fading appeal and offered something else instead. "I do not think it should be that short," he suggested. "This kind of look is worn everywhere, you need something more classic."

While distracted by his dullness, I thought he knew best. Who should I disagree with someone who cuts Jimmy Fallon's hair and does his magic on Tom Cruise? When he wanted to cut my hair, he began to talk more about his salon, tips for choosing a barber, and why he should choose a high-end salon for a haircut.

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The 13,000 square foot salon is bordered by floor to ceiling windows overlooking Madison Avenue and 55th Street.


How would you The majority of your male clients describe the dates on book the salon?

Being such a large salon, we offer a mix of predominantly established professionals such as CEOs, lawyers, physicians, financial managers, brokers and TV personalities Customers are professionals who work with other people and are in business / entertainment, plus we have quite a few younger male clients in their 20's / 3's who start young and return to the salon every year that our General male clientele has a good lifestyle and can attend a high-end salon.

What are the benefits of making an appointment in an upmarket salon like yours, compared to a budget barber shop elsewhere?

If you book in an upscale salon, you are buying experience and trust. Someone who works in a high-end salon has a higher standard and is therefore exceptionally well trained and has serious experience – sometimes even over 20 or 30 years of experience. People like this have seen a thing or two, and they are able to understand the needs of their hair more easily and prevent a foreseeable problem. Especially for male clients, who usually have shorter hair, you need to focus on the different textures (curls, straight, wavy, prickly, etc.) to prevent hair from protruding from the top or sides. In cheaper salons, the haircut may look good at first glance, but over a few weeks it does not grow as it pleases.

What are the most important things every guy should look for when choosing a place to get their hair cut (and choose a hairdresser)?

Especially men should do their homework and look for the background of the stylist. their experience, reviews and the quality of the salon. If you're trying to change a new look or create a new look, it's important to have a good conversation with a stylist who will teach you the pros and cons of each hair. Beware, because smaller salons often only do what you ask for without giving a correct rating, while larger, more established salons engage in a realistic dialogue about what's possible. Finally, men in high-end salons should look for hairdressers who fully understand their lifestyle, plan the entire package.

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The deckchairs and shampoos were thoroughly satisfying.


With these tips, I've realized that your budget allows it. A more expensive haircut definitely has its advantages : In the middle of my cut, a young lady led me to a deckchair to get her hair washed, the experience was profoundly satisfying, and at some point I almost fell asleep She foamed into the shampoo and conditioner while she scaled my scalp Massaged and with just enough pressure warm water poured over it. "That happens over and over," she said about my dozing. After drying them off with a soft towel, I went back to Oscar's ward so he could do the rest and apply a product.

Although the end result looked good, my greatest achievement was that you are truly p. The ambiance, attention to detail, and level of service are all aspired to. I had many cheap haircuts that looked the same, if not better. Although it was a great experience, the entire haircut lasted only about 15 minutes. I've found that it's not so much the price that determines where you get your haircut, but rather the relationship you have with your hairdresser and how you communicate with them. For my lifestyle, I think my cut of $ 20 works just as well. I will miss the beautiful robes though.

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