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Intensify your core and mince your abs with this $ 10 workout hack

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If you're looking for a fun and challenging workout to tighten your abs and strengthen your core, this is a sweet deal you do not want to miss. Take 70 percent of Synergee Sliders for a limited time. Usually $ 30, right now you get a pair of these electric lime knobs for only $ 9. This is an amazing deal with a simple workout hack that is guaranteed to deliver results and be fast.

Of course you do not want green sliders, and that's fine. The color will not change the fact that these simple little discs can provide solid, core-ripping training anywhere. You can choose between the options red, black and pink (1

2 USD). It's just that these bright green options (and also the yellow ones) are much cheaper than the others.

  Workout Hack

Just place them on the ground and plant one hand or one foot on each, and walk. You intensify your core movements such as lunges, boards and bridges by adding an aspect of balance and stability to every movement. There are any number of exercises that you can do with these simple exercise aids.

Whether you are training your arms, shoulders or legs, you need to keep your back straight and keep your balance. This will make your abs stronger and more defined. In addition, every movement is low impact and reduces the risk of injury.

Where do sliders slide?

You can use them wherever you have space, hardwood, tiles, even carpets and rugs. The double-sided sliders glide smoothly over almost every surface. Use the foam side for hard floors and the plastic side for carpets.

They are great for business travel and traveling, as low pile hotel carpets are ideal for slides. With a diameter of 20 cm, they are lightweight and easy to carry. They fit in any bag or briefcase.

But best of all, with this simple and inexpensive workout hack, you can complete a low-impact core training in the privacy of your own home. Turn on the Netflix and throw a few sliders on the floor. If you know you've completed the third season of Stranger Things rub cheddar blocks on your rock-hard abdominal muscles.


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