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Indoor Monsoon Workout Tips: Ways to Stay Fit During This Rainy Season

  Indoor Monsoon Training Tips: Ways to Stay Fit During This Rainy Season

During the rainy season there are many reasons not to go to the gym. But if you really want to stay fit, plan your workout at home. Make training a part of your routine.

Indoor training is a kind of highly effective training. In the rainy season, it has been proven to be more beneficial to work out at home. Just think of the benefits:

  • You do not have to carry a sports bag
  • You do not have to wait to use the device
  • You do not have to worry about traffic

Follow the below given workout plan and get ready to stay fit for this monsoon.

Create rules for training.

  • Make training a part of your routine. Otherwise, you forget it and make excuses.
  • Especially jeans or slippers are not the right workout outfit. Wear jogging shoes with comfortable training clothing instead so that you will not be distracted during a training session.
  • Let the other members of the house know that this is your training session. When training, make the rule that you are only paying attention to yourself and doing what you want.
  • Put your phone in the answering machine.
  • Play your favorite music.
  • Maintain a diary and note your daily weight and waist size so you know what the result of a month-long workout was.

Strength Training at Home

Warm Up: Warm up with a brisk walk. Dot it, three times a week or every other day.

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Bent over row

Grasp the water bottle with both hands and stand straight up. Bend your hips back and move forward. Keep your elbows in a position where you hold a bicycle handle. Then hold down for a while and raise your hands while pressing on your shoulder blade. Then bring it down. Make a set of 12-16 times.

Waist Bend

Stand upright and take a bottle of water in your hands. Once bent to the left, then bent to the right. Repeat this process 12-16 times.

Leg extension

Sit on the chair. Pull the abdominal muscles inward and move the left leg out to the hip. Wait 2 seconds. Then do the same action with the other leg. Turn each foot into two sets of 12-16 times each.

Wall Seats

Stretch your back to the wall. Then slowly hold onto the wall and bend your knees at a 90-degree angle. Imagine sitting on a chair. Stay in position for 30-50 seconds. Then return to the normal stage.

Pushups for the Wall

Turn your face to the wall and stand up. Put your hands on the wall. Try to bring the chest closer to the wall by bending your elbows. Then come to rest. Repeat this 12-16 times.

Breast fly

Lie on the carpet or the mat. Hold the bottle of water in your hands. Move your elbows slightly, stretching your arms over your chest. Put your hands on your chest. Then stretch your arms on the other side until your elbows are no longer parallel to your shoulders. Come back slowly to the position. Repeat this verb 12-16 times.


Lie on your back and lift your knees at a 90-degree angle and lower your lower back slightly towards the mat. Keep your hands under your head and try to touch your chin with a chest while raising your head. With this you can feel the pull in the abdominal muscles. Repeat the procedure 12-16 times.

Leg Stretch

Lay on mat or carpet. Lift your right foot without squats. Then catch the towel in your foot and hold both ends of the towel with your hands and gently pull the leg towards it. Keep the knee straight. Stop for 10 to 30 seconds during this phase. Repeat this process with another leg.

Arm Stretch

Stand upright. Spread your right hand and bend your elbows to the back of your head. Hold one end of the bath towel in your right hand. Now move your left hand back and hold it on your back. Now grab one end of the towel in your left hand. Feel the stretch on both hands and on the back. Wait 10-30 seconds. Then change the action on the other side.

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Written by Tavishi Dogra

Source: Onlymyhealth Editorial Staff July 17, 2019

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