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Incredible weight loss transformations in 2018

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Here at Men's Health we'd like to tell you stories of real men changing their bodies – and their lives – we hope their dramatic transformations will help you Get inspired Start your own weight loss.

There are many different ways to lose weight between exercising and eating properly, including guys who have gone keto, crushed HIIT workouts, and developed healthier lifestyles all around Many lost more than 100 pounds – and their before-and-after photos are, of course, incredible.

Here are 8 incredible weight-loss transformations from 2018.


Barry Parkes: Weight loss of 122 pounds

Barry Parke s always said 300 pounds would be his limit. But a few years ago, that number came and went. "Then it really hit me," he said.

Well, Parkes, who works as assistant principal in Idaho Falls, weighs 203 pounds. how did he do that? He made his Fitbit step by step, counting his calories and his calories.

"It had to be something permanent," he explained about his weight loss strategy. "It could not cut out carbohydrates, cut out protein because I knew that was not the reality. I will not do that until I die.

Read more about his transformation here.

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Gordon Gauss: 165-Pound Weight Loss

Gordon Gauss is dedicated to but for a man whose weight increased to over 400 pounds, the goal did not always feel attainable.

During his college years, Gauss was less and less likely to go outside , performed less physical activity and just ate more, and at the end of college, he was about 350 pounds and had depression.

"My depression went into high gear, I really stopped taking care of myself, so I did I just took the whole weight back, and then a lot more, "he said.

In January 2018, his weight reached 437 pounds. Spurred on by the death of his father-in-law, Gauss decided to lose weight; he had the help of a psychologist who helped with the depression, a trainer who wanted to push his body, and his son and wife as a reason to keep going.

In Just 10 Months All of these habits helped Gauss sink to 272 pounds, which meant a weight loss of 165 pounds. "I could not walk for 10 minutes without my knees hurting, my shins aching, my back aching and I was totally windy for 20 minutes," he said.

Read about Gauss' success in losing weight.

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Hunter Croteau: 170-pound weight loss

Twenty-year-old Hunter Croteau is still getting used to his new body, after all One of the most astonishing physical and psychological changes humanly possible: In only eight months, he has lost an astonishing 170 pounds with the aid of the weight loss operation.

After the death of his beloved grandfather, Croteau's weight began to rise At the point where I ate 6,000 calories a night, "he said," Binge Eating, $ 30 ordering food and eating everything yourself. "

When he graduated, he dismissed 360 pounds on the scales. But one day a stranger entered his grocery store.

"I had bought this customer on an electrocart and bought a ton of diet drinks. In the end, I talked to her a bit and helped her to her car, "he said. "Before she left, she was like," Listen, I would not tell anyone else, but I can tell you that you are really being burdened. "She said that her daughter had this operation, just as I planted the seed in my brain."

Just a few months later, Croteau received a gastric sac and adhered to the advice of his mental health and nutritionist, which helped him Achieve an Incredible 190 Pounds

"You need to be able to be honest with yourself: find out what your problems are and what hurt you most about yourself," he said. "If you want to fix it, you just have to do it. Take the steps – even if they are baby steps.

Read his full story of transformation.

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DeAndre Upshaw: 150-pound weight loss

At 6 "7", Deandre Upshaw has difficulty hiding in the background of each room – and weighing 400 pounds That's almost impossible. "I've always been a kind of giant," Upshaw said. "I think I was in eighth grade 5 & # 39; 39."

But like most people Upshaw was too busy living his life to take care of weight. "College happens and you grow, you lose weight, you gain weight," he recalls. Several years after graduation, Upshaw met his now-fiancée Stuart, and he gained even more weight as the pair won and took a way to fall in love.

For Upshaw, there was no magic moment, moment of clarity or revelation, one day he just woke up and decided But not to slip or try hyperspecific fitness routines and diet tricks, Upshaw researched something and talked to his doctor to find out what it works best.

In the end, he made a simple weight loss plan: calories in, calories out. In the first week he lost seven pounds – and continued until he lost 150 pounds through exercise and healthier lives. When it comes to weight loss, "there is no secret pill, no potion or magic trick," said Upshaw. It takes work and it is not a quick trip.

"I did not even lose 150 pounds," he said. "I lost a pound 150 times."

Read his full weight loss transformation story.

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Joey Morganelli: 150-pound weight loss

Joey Morganelli knows tragedies better than most others. When Morganelli was 13 years old, his mother died of cancer. Three years later, his seemingly healthy father had a heart attack and died before him. Over the next few years, Morganelli began to stifle his feelings about losing his parents with intense nutritional addiction. At its highest weight, he came somewhere around 400 pounds. "You do not have to be hungry to eat, so I've gained so much weight," he said.

But fortunately Morganelli had people around who were interested enough to say something. In college, a professor of microbiology pulled him aside to express his fears about his student's health. He asked him to watch the Netflix documentaries Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Some people may have been insulted by the professor's suggestion, but Morganelli said the film has a strong influence on him.

"I just decided that I wanted to be mentally healthier and physically healthier because I wanted to start living my life," he said. The first thing he did was give up fast food. Next, he downloaded the MyFitnessPal app and opted for vegan, which helped him reach a healthy 250 pounds. "I wanted to grow up and live a life I could be proud of, rather than saying that I just sat and ate all day and died of a heart attack because I did not want to face my fears," he said. "The hardest thing What you can do is to face yourself. "

Read his full weight loss story.

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Wilson Velasquez: 110-pound Weight Loss

Wilson Velasquez – a self-proclaimed nerd with a Marvel figure collection who proves that I spent some fun with Six Flags with some of his colleagues but when he tried it On board one of the park's roller coasters, he found his 320 frame could not fit anymore. At the end of the theme park visit, Velasquez had decided: It was time to change everything.

First, Valesquez came to Planet Fitness. I did not know what the hell I'm doing, "he said," I just got there and I saw all the equipment and saw how the others just did things. It's a mix of emotions when you go to a gym as a tall guy. "But he stayed in, doing total body work and walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes." I may have lost 30, 40 pounds if I've trained alone, " He said, "Do not even do anything crazy, not even worry about the food."

Next, he started counting his calories, and became more thoughtful in choosing his food, which helped him get over 110 pounds Roller coaster, but he's the first to admit that it's a lot of work to get there.

"It's not instant," Velasquez emphasized both before and after and after all the other photos you see on the internet, "It did not take a week, it took me 14 months to lose a hundred pounds."

Read his full weight loss story.

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Andrew Kam: 90-pound weight loss

As a child, Kam noticed that he was always bigger than other children. His weight problems got worse in the first year of college when his mother died after fighting cancer.

Kam went to therapy to deal with his grief and other mental health problems. But when he started eating foods that comforted him, his physical health deteriorated. In a way, he ate these foods to find something he could control. Kam was already overweight at the time – and it did not help that he went to a job where he sat for hours at a desk.

But then, at the age of 24, Kam saw some photos of him on a trip with friends and did not recognize the person he saw in the picture. "It just was like that, holy bastard, what happened?"

After trying tricky diet tricks, he finally committed to a fitness program and a ketogenic diet. He managed to lose 90 pounds in 10 months.

Best of all, Kam explained that he could also find something more in himself: "My self-confidence, I can feel it in my heart, it's just a matter of persistence," he said. "2018 is my year."

Read his full weight loss story.

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Jaime Hathcock: 120-pound weight loss [19659008] The 20-year-old from North Carolina had a typical southern upbringing, spent spent a lot of time outdoors and participated in sports.

When Hathcock attended high school, he suffered a series of injuries that left him too long ignored tendon tears in both knees that finally put him out of the way. After being forced out of the field, his social circle shrank – and he coped with loneliness through eating. Over the next year, he continued, "I was 185 in ninth grade," he said. "I started the 11th grade with probably 300."

He had a "light bulb" when he ordered some XXL shirts and a size 44 and they did not fit. "That's when it really sank in. I jumped on the scales and saw 320 pounds," he said.

Hathcock began losing weight by tracking his calories and calories and making sure he was in calorie deficit. In four months, Hathcock lost 40 pounds. Next, he began researching exercise routines and went back to the gym, where he spent most of his time in the weight room, doing intense interval training.

Exactly one year after his journey began, Hathcock dropped to £ 198. But he wanted to put some more mass into his body, and so he made it back to 212 pounds with the help of a new fitness routine and a higher-calorie diet.

Read his full weight loss story. [19659012] Advertising – read below

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