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Increase the intensity with this total body workout

One of the benefits of a gym training course is that you can be sure you will not waste time there. It's too easy to get between the machines for longer than necessary or to extend the rest periods when training alone, but you should go to a class and get the full value for every minute.

That's certainly the case with new The London-based gym Victus Soul offers two training concepts – HIIT & Run and HIIT & Box. With these high-intensity sessions, you need to be up to the max, and you'll be absolutely certain that you have not lost time in the gym.

To get an idea of ​​the sessions at Victus Soul, we used Lyanne Hodson, master trainer in the studio, for a workout. In a typical Victus Soul class, this workout would be combined with a boxing routine. So if you know what you are doing with the bags, you can add that aspect to yourself. And if you're not sure what boxing skills you have, you can always go to Victus Soul to complete a HIIT & Box class with a trainer who guides you through every punch.

Section 1

Perform each of the following exercises once back one minute. Apart from 30 seconds to grab some dumbbells before the alternate lunges, you should not rest between exercises.

1 Hand Walk-Out

Stand hip-width apart with your legs, roll through your spine, and then walk down your hands along the floor until you're in a push position. Then go back to your feet with your hands and roll back up.

2 Dive Bomber Press

From an upper press position, press your hips up as high as possible so your legs and arms are straight and your body forms a triangle. This is your starting position. Keep your legs straight, allow your arms to bend, and try to bring your nose as close to the ground as possible while pushing forward so that your chest almost strikes the floor. Push back through your hands until arms are fully stretched and repeat.

3 Lunge with Turn

Step out of the stance and lower your back knee so that your legs are bent 90 degrees. While doing this, stretch your arms forward and rotate your upper body over the front leg. Back to the middle and then to a stop. Page change.

4 Lunge

Grab a medium set of dumbbells (about 5 to 8 kg) and spread hip-width apart with the dumbbells on each side. Step forward with one leg and lower the back knee. Make sure that both legs are bent by 90 °. Slide the front foot back to the starting position. Page change.

5 Thruster

Stand with your hips hip-width apart and slightly turned outward, holding dumbbells by the shoulders and showing your palms. Tense your core and then slide your hips back as you bend your knees to sit down. Drive through your heels, squeeze your buttocks muscles to stand again and then push both weights over your head to make sure your arms are in line with your ears.

6 Renegade print on a series

upper print position with dumbbells. Keep your hips up and row your right dumbbell until your elbow is in line or slightly higher than your waist. Lower it and row up the left dumbbell. Finally, lower yourself to a pressure – full or knees down – and push it back up. That's a repeat.

7 Weighted Burpee

Stand if you hold dumbbells by your sides. Drop, place the dumbbells on the floor and stand with your feet behind you so that you are in a pressure position. Then get your feet up in your hands again, stand up and jump straight up.

Section 2

In this next section, you will do six minutes of strength work with a heavy dumbbell (8kg-12kg). Spend a minute with each exercise and complete two rounds without a break. In the first round, use your right arm to grab and row the dumbbell and your left arm in the second round.

1 1 ¼ Squat Squats

Stand hip-width apart with your hips and hold a dumbbell in front of your chest with both hands. Drop in a squat, then drive back a quarter and then dismount.

2 Dumbbell snatch

Stand between your feet with a dumbbell. Squat down and grab the dumbbell with your right hand. In this lower position, make sure your shoulders are pulled back, your back is straight, and your arm is locked.

Get up by riding through your heels, grabbing your hips forward while pulling the dumbbell in front of your body, then slide it over your head until your arm is straight, making sure that your arm is in place Your ear is in line.

3 row of arms

Place your left knee and hand on a bench and make sure your hand is directly under your left shoulder and your back is flat. Hold a dumbbell in your right hand and begin with your arm outstretched, then pull your elbow toward your waist and pull the scapula inward to keep your arm close to your body.


Last up is a short EMOM finisher. Set a timer for three minutes and stop the repetitions at the beginning of each minute – the faster you do that, the more rest you get for that minute.


Reps 12 [19659002] When you push from the top to the top, you spring your legs out on the outside of your hands and take your hands off the ground. Then lay it down again and jump back to the starting position with your legs.

Box jump

Reps 6

Stand with your legs hip-width apart, a slight bend in your knees and knees slightly back your hips. Swing your arms forward and jump on the box. Stand on the box, stand up fully, squeeze your buttocks muscles and then step back.

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