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In quarantine training by NBA star Andre Drummond

For most of the past decade, Andre Drummond has been one of the best tall men in the NBA. With a height of almost two meters, he is the size that is often needed to dominate the hardwood boards, but it is his athleticism at the highest level that makes him such a force on the floor. He is routinely one of the leaders in rebounds.

But in the past two months, he hasn't made a single rebound – because nobody did. Last week Men's Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S, jumped on an IGLive on the @ MensHealthMag channel and contacted Drummond to see how he stayed fit throughout the quarantine given the COVID-1

9 pandemic.

And Drummond has a secret weapon that keeps him strong: the deadlift on the couch. He couldn't demonstrate moving to Men & # 39; s Health IGLive – he had just switched to another couch – but it's not hard to see how valuable the move is. Drummond stands at the side of his couch, bends his knees, pushes his butt back and reaches for the bottom of the couch. With a firm core, he takes the couch on one side, stands up and squeezes his glutes. He's holding up the reps, he says, hey, that's not exactly a 500-pound deadlift.

Do you want more? He says he has an assault bike next to his bed and combines the deadlift on the couch with an 8-9 minute 20-10 workout. "It will really keep you very, very busy," he says.

It's a solid all-round workout that charges its rear chain, and yes, that helps make a bigger, stronger vertical jump. But it's not the only way to build an impressive vertical, says Drummond. Don't forget the core training: "The stronger your core, the better." His favorite exercise? He has a BB bike, he says, and loves to use it – especially at home.

Throughout most of his career, Drummond played for the Detroit Pistons, and during the call to Men’s Health he was in Michigan. At the close in 2020, however, he was sent to a new team for the first time since his college days at UConn. He was traded to Cleveland to play alongside Kevin Love with the Cavaliers. Drummond says he is so excited to play with Love – the two have been in a relationship for years and even have the same agency – that he called the star forward as soon as he heard the news. "I'll see you tomorrow!" he remembers to say.

Even without NBA games – the season is still interrupted after Commissioner Adam Silver's announcement of March 11th – Drummond ensures that his diet remains as clean as possible. He says he eats as "cleanly" as possible, including intermediate fasting (he only eats between 2:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.) and no red meat at all. "I'm a big boy, so I have to eat somehow," he says. "That's why I have days when I'm going to add chicken to my meals. But I usually eat fish and vegetable things."

He also keeps his body extremely hydrated and drinks one and a half gallons of water a day. "I have a water jug ​​with me," he says. "I carry it around with me – when I'm at the bottom, I'm already in my second round." He tends to use the same water jugs for training. What he does is 4-5 gallons of water (which usually weigh about 8 pounds each) and tie them together with trash bag handles. These provisional devices are then used for curls.

"I know people laugh, it sounds strange," he adds. "But go ahead and do three sets of 20 and curl up with them – I bet your arms will be on fire."

The bad news for NBA fans is obvious – there are currently no games. But the good news – especially for Cavaliers fans? That's clear – Andre Drummond will pick up where he left off, rebound and hit dunks in the face as soon as the bandage catches up.

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