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In Open Workout, you must complete 3 legendary CrossFit exercises. 19.4

Get ready to go to a dark place! Again!

Are you ready for CrossFit Open Training 19.4? In the last round of the annual CrossFit Games Open, you compete against three of the most legendary moves in the annals of CrossFit, Burpees, muscle-ups and snatches.

If you're a CrossFit veteran, you know all these steps. But do you know yourself and your strengths and weaknesses? To flower in 19.4 means understanding your own abilities, playing out your strengths, and disguising your own weaknesses as much as possible. Your biggest key in this workout: Go hard when you can work hard and find ways to save your energy for the 30 muscles you need to do.

If you want to have this training, follow these tips.

The Workout

Start with three laps of this racetrack that are timed out.

  • 1
    0 Traps with a 95-pound Barbell:
    You are standing above a barbell near your shins, holding the bar with an overhand grip that is slightly wider than the shoulder width. Your knees should be flexed and your hips should be lower than your shoulders. Extend your legs explicitly and pull the bar from the floor to the hips. Hinges forward and push your hips forward; Use this momentum to move the pole upside down and get up.
  • 12 bar-burpees: Stand in front of a dumbbell with 45-pound plates. Lower your chest to the floor, then push yourself off the floor, stand back up and jump over the dumbbell. Turn around and repeat the process. (Do you need a refresher course in basic skills? Watch this video.)

    Pause for three minutes. (This break is compulsory and you will need it.)

    Then three laps of this racetrack that were run for time.

    • 10 Bar Muscle: Hang on a chin-up bar with an overhand grip. Pull your chest to the counter (you may need to use a kip and swing) and then pull your upper body over the bar. Finish with straight arms and upper body over the bar.
    • 12 more barping-burpees

      You have a maximum of 12 minutes to complete (or do as much as possible) your entire workout.

      Your Big Picture Plan

      This workout is unique in that it is not really a workout. Think of it as two mini-workouts separated by a three-minute break. Both workouts are different, so it's important that you understand and plan your own strengths and weaknesses. Only one sport will end this training. Everyone else must aim for a different goal. Here are the three types of athletes I see in this training.

      Persons with strong pole muscles and remains: If you have 10 to 20 unbroken muscle slips and a maximum weight of 225 pounds or more, you can expect to end this workout. Come quickly but controlled with uninterrupted rows of shreds.

      People Alright When Building Muscle and Tearing: If you can perform 5 to 10 continuous muscle strains and have a maximum weight of over 185 pounds, you may not be able to finish this workout, but you will Do it deep into the second work block. They hope you get into the training and maybe finish it. Break the traps early to save your shoulders.

      People just getting used to muscle or tearing: If you can not make an effort and fight with the prisoner, there is a good chance you will not finish this workout. It is especially important for you to get to the second training as soon as possible.

      You are not sure where your muscles are? Improve your form with the most difficult version of the turn shown here.

      Managing expectations is central to this training. But even if you do not expect to finish, you still want to come out hard and fast. Your heart rate will go through the roof thanks to these burpees and it will not feel good. The key here is not to panic; Do not forget that you take a three-minute break after your first workout. This helps to lower the heart rate. Pat Vellner, who took second place in the CrossFit Games last year, sprinted the first part of the workout and finished in just over 2 minutes. Try working at 85 to 90 percent capacity and do not hold anything back because you're in for a breather.

      Attacking Each Phase

      How To Attack Any Block From 19.4 Remember: Come out hard, because you have three minutes to catch your breath. Play to your strengths. Look for movements that let you know you are efficient and push back the movements that you are having difficulty with.

      The Snatch

      Power Snatch

      The best CrossFitters will do all of their reps by pulling the pole up from the ground without falling under the weight. You should not do that! It strains the shoulders and requires more use of the arms and speeds up your heart rate. Let's stay in power by grabbing all the repetitions and dropping under the bar after the first pull to save the shoulders and keep the heart rate down.

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      In addition, you can drive through the dumbbell Do not get sloppy and do extra work, so keep repeating yourself and concentrate on it Keep your feet as quiet as possible Try to keep your feet in a position with a wide posture so we do not dance everywhere In the gym with the dumbbell, hold the bar as close to your torso as possible on the way down I recommend that you do a "quad-willow" exercise so the dumbbell will easily touch the quads when you lower them to the ground, so you can better control the dumbbell as you go through your reps much safer on the lower back.

      Think about your grip

      Lastly, use the dumbbell with a hook around the handle for these muscle-ups save, have not grabbed a hook yet? Time to learn. To grab a hook, wrap your thumb in your middle and index fingers. It feels weird, but it helps you to secure the bar.

      Consider the Representation Scheme

      If you are great at abduction, you should try to carry out your withdrawals unabated, but for all others you should be strategic. If you know that cyclists increase your heart rate, it's best to share each set in sets of 5 reps. If the bar does not feel super light, continue breaking it up by making each set in two blocks of three, then two blocks of two blocks each, or a set of four, then two blocks of three. They could even make quick singles so we can save our shoulders and attack the burpees.

      Barping Burpees

      Use the New Standard

      We knew we would not get through the entire Open without the Burpee raising its ugly head. After all, this is a CrossFit bracket.

      There are a variety of ways to do burpees, but this year's Burpee standard, located in the bar, allows you to rise from the ground instead of bouncing off both feet at the same time. You have to face the dumbbell when you hit the deck, but then you can jump or go to the bar. You have to jump over the ground with both feet at the same time.

      Use these standards to your advantage. If you're not trying to create the CrossFit games, I recommend that every single athlete climb the bottom of the burpee instead of jumping up with both feet at the same time. This will only make you a hair slower, but your heart rate will be significantly lower.

      This will allow you to work harder on your next set of outliers (and later on the rod muscles). Let's also do a quarter turn as we jump over the bar. This will speed up our transition and lend impetus to our next Burpee representative.

      The Rest

      These three minutes go by, but do not waste them. Rest is work too! Use the rest to lower your heart rate, but stay focused. I recommend that you sit down with your upper body so that you can take a deep breath. As soon as you catch your breath for a minute to 90 seconds, get up and walk around. This makes the blood flow and prevents your body from becoming too parasympathetic. You now have to prepare mentally for the second training.

      The Second Workout

      At this point, the 3-minute break probably felt like 30 seconds, and your shoulders and tris are feeling dead. But continue! Almost finished!

      The Bar Muscle-Up


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      Take a lot of time in advance of this workout Warming Up Your Shoulders: Let's work on kip-swings to warm up by hanging on a bar with our whole body bent and using our shoulders. To push the bar into our hollow position, pull yourself forward into a bow position and aim for 3 sets of 8-10 kip turns as you warm up for the workout.

      Leaping into Your First Muscle-Up [19659025] Those who are familiar with muscle-building often find the first repetition the most difficult because they have much less impulse and speed than when they are lowered above the bar. At the first repetition to create a strong impulse, set up 1-2 feet behind the bar and jump into your first kip swing. This results in a much stronger arc position and generates more force as you move to your hollow position and pull yourself up and over the pole.

      Select the Right Rep scheme

      Even building muscle can cause muscle growth, and a big difference in the leaderboard. We have to break them down into manageable sets. Let's not start with a big set of 6 or 7 if in round 2 we can only place one repeater at a time. Even top athletes should shoot for 2 to 3 sets per round and split each set in 5 reps, or even a set of 4, followed by two sets of 3. Everyone else should aim for 3 or 4 sets. If you are new, work as singles.

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