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In a toxic relationship? Check characters and continue!

  In a toxic relationship? Check characters and continue!

Are not you sure about your relationship? Confused, whether you go out with the right person or not? In short, if there is tension in your love life? Then maybe you are in a poisonous relationship. If so, then you should just keep going. Here we bring you a sign.

Love is the most intense emotion people know. It takes a lot of time and emotional energy. It's like an investment process: the more you invest in your relationship, the better the diet. But sometimes it does not matter just to invest. Other factors such as loyalty, respect, etc. also play a role. It's about trying each other and improving the relationship with time. Conflicts are also part of a relationship, but what happens when the problem gets worse?

When the relationship that a giggle causes causes more pain, it means that you are in a toxic relationship. You need to keep your emotions under control as these toxic things cause emotional damage and affect your entire life and health. All kinds of relationships go through highs and lows, but sometimes these crusts and lows are not lifelong healthy and need to be checked. Let's take a look at some of the key features that point to a toxic relationship from which you need to move on:


If blamed for any situation. This is the most irritating part of a conversation and life. Nobody really wants to be accused, and when it comes to the relationship, a degree of understanding and trust is required. When it happens again and again, you need to think about your relationship, and as the situation worsens, you even have to recover from this emotional chaos.

Full Days of Bad Feeling

Your full day sees ups and downs and sometimes just down and down. Morning with irritation and sleep with irritation are the kind of days you have? This is the high time to take a break from it all. If your partner still does not agree with your opinion, then you really need to continue in life and leave your relationship behind.

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Ease and one-sided movements

It's okay to do things to be disconnected for some time. But if you feel your partner has no time for you and does not even make an effort to have some time together. A relationship starts to take things away instead of giving them when the kind of effort becomes a one-way street. It is not always fair that you only do the right thing for the other one. If they are not in the process of exertion, let them go. Even everything requires extra work if you do not need to move to another location.


The argument is very common in a relationship. However, as this dispute increases, the level of frustration moves into the next phase. There comes a time when there is no healthy argument, but only an intensified one, which inflicts great emotional torments on you. Stop there! You do not have to worry and need to get out of this poisonous atmosphere. Yes, reinforced arguments are poisonous. Go get a life.

NO does not mean & # 39; no & # 39;

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Whether you are in a relationship or not, suffrage is a must. One should have the right to say no if he / she does not like something or does not really want to indulge in something. But if your partner does not understand your no-answer and always wants a yes from you. You have to say a big NO to your relationship. It will be poisonous and by the way, respect for decisions is also very important.

Counting Each Error

Counting looks good when it comes to the account balance. But if every mistake is considered a sin. Then you have to stop counting him as something special. Try to move it to your future spam mail. Good idea or not?


While a bit of aggression is good, too much of everything is bad. It is the same with aggression. When the situation reaches a point where you are in an offensive relationship, either physically or verbally. You should go ahead without thinking, because you are not someone who was born to endure the frustration of others. They deserve better. You are not required to endure all these harmful things.


One important thing is honesty. Find your partner who is lying and trying to hide things from you. It's a time to do loyalty checks for them. Find out if it's just a minor lie or even a bigger problem. If you find this, you will eventually choose not to stay. Let yourself be sorted by your emotions. Going with the stream is good, but not always. You must first and foremost maintain your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Continue when these poisonous things start or when you feel like you are losing yourself in gaining others. Love you first !! Go and catch your dreams. Life does not end in a single relationship. There are other things waiting for you. Discover her !!! After all, there is nothing permanent in this world, but yes, your smile can be when you choose yourself as a priority.

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Written by: Onlymyhealth Staff Writer

Source: NurMyHealth Editorial Staff July 08, 2019

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