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I tried: Pole Dancing (as an exercise!)

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By Carina Storrs

When I relearned Groupon and read every offer in my inbox, I came to a taster for two introductory pole dance classes. (OK, full disclosure: This may not have been a completely random purchase.) I was curious about this "sexy exercise" since I read about it earlier this year.)

Determined not to let this go my way Bowling Groupon (had my friends and I really plan on wasting a full summer weekend in a shady bowling alley?), I jammed with NYPole in my two sessions last week. When I landed for the first time, I knew that I would sign up for more.

My goal in the first hour was ambitious. I wanted to feel that I was actually doing something remotely resembling the stuff I saw on TV fattening competitions, or what might appear when, fingers crossed, a new reality show Poltanz Suburbanites with the name . House Cats is picked up by the television station TV


Before class, I thought about trying on a pair of 7-inch heels or taking some beeswax sticks (both in the seating area), but decided it was easy The last issue of the magazine Pole2Pole to browse for inspiration. The regular 2-inch heels I brought home had to do it.

At last we started innocently. The teacher, Tracy, took us ten minutes through stretches, planks, and downhill dog pens until we could no longer ignore the six poles that lined the narrow studio. We were 1

0 in class – from slim to heavy, from teenagers to middle-aged (and possibly hoping to create it in House 1945, Season 2 ). Everyone was newbies like me. We split into two groups and tentatively took a pole.

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Tracy guided us through some basics. My favorite tip was to treat the rod like your dance partner – pull it, push it, use it for resistance.

We've learned a routine that consists of a head-roll-vortex-loop-drop-spin sequence as we stumble around our partners. My crowning moment had been to hang on the pole and turn around without the foot touching the ground. The music was groovy and dingy and helped to set the mood. Every time my turn came, I hoped the playlist would land on Eminen.

As fun as it all was, I admit it did not help to increase my heart rate or make you sweat. That is, until Tracy announced that the last step of our routine would be to climb to the top of the pole in a caterpillar style. My feet began to sweat. I could never climb on the rope in the gym. I still could only get up with Tracy's slopes, but it was exciting.

My new goal is to make it to the first solo. I hope I can do it in the next five classes, because I've signed up so many. After only a few sessions, Tracy promised we would all climb like Spider-Man.

I see Pole classes in addition to Ballet, Yoga, Zumba and Masala Bhangra, which are particularly included in my training schedule. I felt aching in the muscles of my shoulders and chest, which I did not know were there. In spite of my pain, when I got into a subway car to go home, I had the urge to go to a pole and take a partner by the hand.


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