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I tried: Inner Warrior Workout

By Carina Storrs
If you're wondering what an Inner Warrior class is, you probably will not get much insight from Google. The hits talked about mindfulness and tracked your inner and outer energy. When I appeared for a free trial lesson last week, I was fully expecting to meditate.

Meditation is not. In the first half of the class, we did some flowing yoga, which sounds airy and relaxing, but really has to switch between some pretty challenging poses, such as plank and rock star – so much so that our teacher told us to stack our yoga mats on the mat Back of the room out of the way.

At the end of the flow, I was ready for some cooling and breathing exercises. But that was just the warm-up. During the second half of the lesson, we faced our "Warrior," who was hit and hit by combinations of martial arts such as Capoeira. We ended up with a block and a grunt, not a namaste.

It could be great for the kind of person who appeals to this type of motor fusion, says Mark Mirabelli, MD, assistant professor of orthopedics and family medicine at the University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY

I'm not sure if I am one of these people. I think of one kind of movement per class and it's hard for me to change gears ̵

1; either we're flowing and posing or we're beating and dancing (hey, it works in Zumba!). It's like the restaurants that appeared near New York City with a Chinese menu on one side and a Latin menu on the other. I like to commit to a hemisphere.

If you read this and think, "But wait, that's for me!" There are five reasons why you should ignore my opinion and reconsider your Inner Warrior.

It's hard to say something bad about yoga
It has low impact, is good for the joints, improves flexibility and strengthens your body's core – but aerobic fitness is not much, says Dr. Mirabelli. If you supplement it with martial arts, your heart rate may increase. However, Mirabelli says that martial arts is unlikely to result in sustained high heart rates such as jogging, swimming and Zumba, so you should not consider Inner Warrior your only cardio dose.

Change of style could be preserved You were interested
"For some athletes, it may be difficult to make the transition between slow breathing and fast martial arts in one sitting," says Dr. Mirabelli. But upshifting is "completely okay". If you enjoy mixing a few strokes with your down-facing dogs, this could be a great program. (I participated in a course at a local Equinox gym. Check your local branch for the timetables.)

I may have talked too early about this class not meditating
-facial mindfulness with Breath and focus, "but it enhances awareness of yourself and your mind," Dr. Mirabelli. Flow yoga is a "slow pace where you have time to think," he adds. So if you think that meditation can reduce your stress, this could be the case of Inner Warrior.

This is good for almost anyone
There are not many groups of people or health conditions that require training in the Inner Warrior would not be advisable. Yoga is generally great, though Dr. Mirabelli recommends people with stiffness (such as arthritis) or mental health problems such as anxiety a slower style than Flow Yoga. The martial arts component can be challenging, so older people should make sure before starting that they have good heart health and no joint injuries.

Martial Art Can Be Explosion
The best step was this kind of a sweep-lunge-side kick. I could absolutely use this to defend myself against a band of capoeira ruffians in a Brazilian alley, while in You Got Served to try more of this martial arts inspired dance. But next time I take separate courses for "Inner" and "Warrior".

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