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I tried ‘All Out’ and am now canceling my gym membership

I won’t lie, once lockdown was hit I traded dumbbells for Doritos. And slowly but surely I watched them Curfew El bees Stack on the scales. I never thought I’d say that, but I really miss the gym. It was a difficult adjustment to work out in the gym from 3-5 days a week until suddenly, um, well … Not. Now I’m not going to sit here pretending to be a total exercise rat BQ (pre-quarantine). My world has never been about fitness, but it’s all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As you can see, I’m a content creator ̵

1; so I sit at my desk a lot of the time, writing and editing various projects. The gym was a place where I could get up, get out, put on a juicy podcast about real crime, and relieve my stress. Without it, I felt like I was really out of my fitness flow – but after trying a few sessions with Men’s Health’s new All Out Studio app, I’m convinced I won’t be going back to the gym.

There are a ton of different fitness apps out there, and yes, I’ve tried a few – from the gimmick, “Make me look like this [insert superhero name here] in 60 days ”to the overpriced (and not exactly convincing) trendy fitness apps – that’s me. And they’re either too expensive or they just didn’t really interest me. Unfortunately I decided to give All Out Studio a shot.

everything from Studio App


How the app is.

The app gives you access to a library of premium workouts and fitness programs developed by experts and developed by Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Runner’s World, and Prevention. It’s broken down into different sections so you can choose between Go Hard, Go Light, and even Go All Out.

You can also browse programs curated by specific brands such as Men’s Health, Runner’s World, Women’s Health, Cosmo, and Prevention. And these aren’t just one-off courses – they have comprehensive programs that are structured to provide proven results. It’s like having your selection of personal trainers close at hand. You can customize the experience to suit your #bodygoals. When I scanned the app for the first time, I noticed the following programs:

  • All out HIIT
  • Six weeks of sweat
  • Superhero Shred
  • Yoga for runners

    What does this cost?

    While I was all about the clutch buffet of content, I’m the guy who is all about price. There are two subscription routes You can take – both come with a week-long free trial. Option one This option lets you go month-to-month for $ 14.99 / month – that’s less than 50 cents a day.

    Option two is an annual subscription for $ 89.99. Let’s break that year down, shall we? At $ 89.99 / year that’s roughly $ 7.50 / month, and I spent TBH more on my coffee and breakfast sandwich this morning. But wait, if we break that number down even further, it drops $ 7.50 / month to about 25 cents a day. Um, excuse me. What?! I’ve met chewing gums that are more expensive.

    And I didn’t even need a gym!

    For most sessions, a mat and dumbbells seem to do the trick – so a full home gym is not required. Here you don’t need to indulge in expensive exercise equipment that is likely to become a dusty panacea for your dirty clothes.

    The app can be downloaded on iOS and Android, but can also be streamed via Apple TV, Roku or Fire TV. I liked that because you can see them on the big screen and really immerse yourself in the class. Plus, it’s a pretty seamless transition from your phone to TV. So when you start a course on one device, you can easily pick up where you left off on the other.

    Streaming workout TV

    I saw some of the workouts on my TV.

    Photo courtesy Alex Aronson

    The workouts that I loved the most.

    Now that I had done all the preparatory legwork [pun sorta intended]It was time to stop hesitating and actually start exercising. Since the gyms have been closed for a few months, I was a little concerned Really Come back inside, so I decided to start the light and make my way back easier Beast mode – I hate that I just said that, but you got the idea.

    I quickly found that the app offers a wide variety of high quality fitness content at a great price.

    Check out the app in the video below.

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    I chose Anarchy 10 in the men’s health section and did a chest and back session with Andy Speer. There are four videos under this program – each around the 10 minute mark – and they are designed to give you short but intense workouts. I knew my chest would feel it the next day, and yes, I was right. Speer came, conquered, and delivered with his “little” ten minute session. It was a great way to get my feet wet.

    What next?

    As a result of the mass intake of pizza and wine I consumed during this lockdown, I decided that a program called “All Out HIIT” sounded like the right punishment. And it was. The program consists of six videos that focus on 15 minute high intensity interval workouts that combine cardio conditioning and strength training into one. For the full-body session, there were jumping jacks, burpees, squats, lunges, pushups, and planks.

    This content is imported from Instagram. You may find the same content in a different format, or you may find more information on the website.

    After looking at a few offers, I decided to devote myself fully to one program and landed on “Six Week Sweat”. There are ten classes under the direction of Sean Garner. Each one takes about 30 minutes and I have to say the program lives up to its name. At the end of a session, I’m usually soaked and totally soaked feel it. There is also a hands-on training guide that breaks the classes down into an actionable schedule. Let’s just say Mr Garner is my new trainer now and I intend to stick with the entire six week program.

    (Stream 200+ workouts today at All Out Studio)

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