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I started using a kitchen scale and it made my life so much easier

When I moved to Berlin nearly two years ago, US measuring cups were one of the first things I realized I had forgotten to bring. Germany uses the metric system, which means it's not easy to find the measuring cups I've been used to all my life. If I wanted to continue cooking or baking (which I knew I would), buying a kitchen scale would be my only real option.

At first I thought I had made the biggest mistake in the world, but in time came to the realization that this was a blessing. Using a kitchen scale taught me so much about cooking that I never realized it before. Rather than making my life in the kitchen more difficult, it ultimately became much easier. Once I started using it, my entire baked goods became better than ever. And suddenly I had far less dishes to clean. Not to mention that it helped me adapt to life in Germany in ways I'd never expected ̵

1; figuring out the metric system felt like I belonged to it.

Now I bring my digital kitchen scales everywhere, even when I go home to the United States. My measuring cups and spoons are just a distant memory, and for that reason, in my opinion, you should also do the sharing.

On the one hand, the use of a kitchen scale means less dirty dishes.

My absolute favorite With a kitchen scale instead of measuring cups, I only have to stain a bowl when cooking or baking. I just tare the scale to zero after adding every ingredient. For example, when I make biscuits, I add my flour and tare the balance back to zero before adding my sugar. That way, I know I've used just the right amount for each ingredient, without having to use multiple different measuring spoons or cups.

My baked goods are much better, as baking by weight is more accurate and reliable.

Every baker will tell you that it is extremely important to use the exact amount of each ingredient during the process. If you use a tablespoon of baking soda instead of a teaspoon, anything you bake will be virtually ruined. Measuring cups and spoons is by far not as accurate as kitchen scales, as many of them are sold in slightly different shapes or sizes, which is not a big deal but can have a bigger impact on your food than you might think , It only takes a little more flour to make the cake from light and easy to hard and dense.

With a kitchen scale, you do not have this problem because you measure by weight, making it impossible to use the wrong amount of an ingredient. The only catch is that you may need to convert the measurements in a recipe into grams. Fortunately, you can easily find online conversions for everything, as well as recipes that are given in grams instead of cups or tablespoons (the New York Times has many recipes like these). Alternatively, you can buy a scale that allows you to change the unit of measure in pounds, ounces, liters, or whatever you want.

It is also good for measuring products such as products that would otherwise be too difficult to measure. [19659010] If a recipe requires one pound Brussels sprouts then you usually only watch it, right? You do not have to go with a kitchen scale. In fact, for every recipe that requires a certain amount of fruit and vegetables, it is great, impossible impossible to measure in any other way.

Now that I have convinced you to make the switch, this is the kitchen scales that are worth buying.

If you fancy something special, this OXO Stainless Steel Food Scale will cost you about $ 50, but it's totally worth it. It detects even the lightest ingredients (like baking soda and powder), has a long battery life and a pull-out screen to keep the machine from getting dirty.

But for something that does the job equally well at half price, the Escali Primo Digital Scale applies. It does not have that many fancy features, but it will never let you down.

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