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I joined the 5 o'clock. Society. Here are my best takeaways

<! – This morning, after the journaling, knocking, a leisurely breakfast with coffee and an egg-cheese sandwich, and after working for a few hours, I went for a walk in Central Park. On the way back home, an hour later, I stopped for lunch at Whole Foods. I thought a bit of sushi or soup would be nice – then I saw that the breakfast buffet was still going on. Since it was before 10:30, I rushed to this buffet and was barely successful. I'm not a morning person (or at least I did not think it would be me). I mean, I always wake up in a good mood, but usually I sleep well after 8 o'clock. But after reading Robin Sharma's brilliant new book, my husband and I are recently The 5 A.M. Club . Honestly, in just one month, it's completely remodeling. So it goes:

1. You have plenty of time to think and think.

Wake up and wish you had some time just for you … but the work awaits you and you only have 10 seconds to breathe before you take a shower? Imagine having time to spend time thinking, meditating, drinking tea in bed, and even reading a few pages of a book. It feels unattainable, right? It also did for me. Now it's the best part of my day. If you go to bed at around 9:30, you will not be tired as usual when the 5 o'clock alarm is triggered.



2. It's easy to be device-free for the first 2-3 hours.

If you wake up at 5 in the morning, nothing happens . There are no texts, emails or calls. You can feel at ease if you leave your device in another room until your morning routine is complete. How satisfying is it to think about it?

. 3 You work better (in less time).

I know many capable night owls, but for me nothing is done well at night (or even after lunch). If I start something at 7 o'clock in the morning around 19 o'clock, day and day are the results (ooh, the puns can be used here)! Sharma suggests doing the most important 90 minutes of work in a "tight bubble of total focus" after completing the 20/20/20 morning routine: 20 minutes to move, 20 to think, 20 to grow. I've adapted it to myself – I need 30 minutes to think and grow and train later in the day. Then I dive into my most important project. It's amazing what a keen, clear, intentional mind can achieve with a focused morning brain in 90 minutes!

. 4 You get all these bonus side effects.

There are many useful choices! The extra drink after dinner? Nope! Night snacking? Impossible – you sleep! Do you sometimes find it difficult to take your time during a workout? Not with extra morning hours added to your schedule. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

. 5 You feel less stressed.

The self-control that a 5 o'clock alarm brings to your heart touches all areas of your life – and when we are not in control, we experience stress. I can now easily check my to-do list as I have so much time every morning to do any task. How do you think this will feel for you – not having time again?

A 5 o'clock start felt impossible just a few weeks ago … until it was not. Robin Sharma simply puts it: "Think about the mattress." I hope my mind will continue to win.

Susie Moore is the Greatists columnist for life coach and trust coach in New York City. Sign up for free wellness tips on their website and visit the latest "No Regrets" section every Tuesday.

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