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I have tried CBD ointments, gums and tinctures for two weeks

Let me reveal a little secret: Everything hurts when you're 30 years old.

One day, you can run 10 miles, drink a couple of beers, sleep like a king, and be the first in the office tomorrow. And the next, not so much.

For me it's 30, when the muscle aches started, the sleepless nights became more frequent and the work stress became a 24-hour ordeal. Unfortunately, the years 31, 32 and 33 did not help.

However, being fortunate enough to live in 2018, I can handle all of these things naturally with the only health trend that everyone supports: cannabidiol.

Cannabidiol, also called CBD, is on everyone's lips these days. You may not know exactly what it is, but the likelihood that you know someone who has tried it and whose merit is regularly advertised. How do we know? Because, according to this year's 1

00-page Hemp Business Journal report, the CBD market will be worth an incredible $ 2.1 billion by 2020.

We've written a lot about everything You should know about CBD before you dive. (And I've personally written about a decade about cannabis and its beneficial effects on a person's body.) But in the name of science and journalism, I decided to give it a try by doing my usual Painkillers and hypnotics for her CBD colleagues exchanged. The following happened.

The Products

To perfect our CBD game, we teamed up with Veritas Farms a sustainable phytocannabinoid farm at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Pueblo, Colorado.

The hemp that Veritas Farms uses to produce CBD is cultivated as naturally as possible – without the use of pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. The company's products are also made with whole plant hemp oil, which means that not only are CBD compounds used, but that both the flower and the leaves of the plant are used to ensure that they receive all the best from Mother Nature.

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What CBD Can Do for You and What Can not

At the moment there are both (19459005) scientific and anecdotal evidence that CBD can help with opioid addiction, PTSD, anxiety, insomnia, post-workout recovery, nausea, arthritis-related pain etc. In June, the FDA approved a drug that uses CBD to treat epilepsy.

In contrast to its chemical cousin tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, CBD can not bring you up, no matter how much CBD-infused tincture you drink or how much CBD-infused lotion you rub all over your body you will not get the psychoactive effects that associated with the consumption of marijuana.

My t Possible routine

since CBD oil is not supplied with a prescription, to vary the information on the dosage. For some products, it may be recommended to start with a lower dose (about 5 mg) and then work your way up until you find the right amount for you. After some back and forth, I ended up on my personal path.

In the morning

Every morning I woke up and either took a dropper full of Veritas Farms tincture or one of the capsules of the brand . The dropper contained 16.6 mg of full spectrum hemp extract while the capsules contained 25 mg each.

I take the dropper either orally by putting the dosage under my tongue or mixing it into my morning coffee (I even took it with me to coffee shops where everyone and her mother asked me questions). My strategy: master my everyday stress before he tackles me.

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After Each Workout

My workouts usually consist of running, surfing, or riding, all of which lead to typical pain and pain in the knees and back To counter this, I tried to rub some of the cooling menthol ointment everyday after my routine. (Interesting fact: Veritas Farms even has a CBD-infused tincture of bacon flavor for dogs . )

In the evening

The rumor states that CBD may have some serious, healthy skin benefits including fighting dry skin, inflammation, chronic skin conditions, and more, and because I have to finish To make time seem timeless, I have smeared that lotion as if my life depended on it.

I usually wake up to light three to four times at bedtime

ng managed to sleep next to an 80-pound pit bull because he is a pig. So I got a dog bed for him and Veritas Farms for me. Each contains 5 mg of isolated CBD. (Spoiler alert: The dog bed was not a hit.)

How I felt


Those who know me in real life know that the slightest departure from a plan can make me fly. The idea of ​​taking a deep breath feels like it's too much trouble, and saying "calm down" has the opposite.

I was really surprised when I checked in at the airport during my two-week CBD process and got no spirals when I learned that my flight was delayed and my bag was overweight. Instead, I paid for the bag and figured, whatever about the extra hours at the airport. Was it the CBD or just a state of Zen knowing I was on vacation? Although I'm not sure, I can say that CBD was my only added variable.

Products Used: Peppermint 500mg Tincture ($ 39.99) and 25m Capsules ($ 69.99)

Here it comes to problems had the biggest impact on me. The company's ointment is endowed with a beautiful soothing menthol effect which is felt immediately after the first application. After each run or ride (both the wave and the horse) I would take a pea-sized amount, melt it in my hands and rub my aching muscles. I immediately noticed the effects and felt that my body could recover a little faster every day. I did not have any more pain in my knee after the second day runs.

Product used: Cooling Menthol Salve ($ 39.99)

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The lotion from Veritas Farms had an earthy odor, like a mixture of cedar wood and a nice crisp fall day, I do not think you apply your woman's lotion and you do not get along with the often stubborn odor of other cannabis products

While the CBD is the star of the show, the lotion also comes with many other goodies – such as avocado, grape and jojoba oils that soften your skin. After two weeks of daily use, I think my hands are the one have been the most hydrated since they were a small child.

Product used: 250mg Lotion ($ 34.99)


Remember the giant animal dog named above who takes over the bed? He had nothing on these tiny rubber bands . I'm not sure the CBD really made me sleepy or just more relaxed, but it definitely helped me sleep through the night until that ungrateful mutt licked my face as I woke up to feed it.

In addition to the extra zzz's, the gums were a nice teenage dessert.

Product used: Gummies (34.99 $)


The bottom line

CBD is one of the things you just have to try yourself to get started see if it can work for you. If you choose to replace some of your regular, everyday products with others that have been infused with CBD, make sure they are full-spectrum products from sustainable farms. In this way, you put your money into a product that both Helps your body as well as the earth. Who knows – maybe you'll soon feel like a 29-year-old and feel like a 29-year-old.

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