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I gave up boutique fitness classes and turned my home into a high-tech gym


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What's better than the training you love? The training you do . Ideally, we all need in both areas This is easier said than done.

For years, I've been vexing to demand expansions of class packs for boutique fitness studios that inevitably expired before the deadline expired, because life was in the way of classes – a sense of community and instructors to yours Correct positioning – they also follow strict schedules, fill in, sell out, and above all, require a level of planning that is often hard to do

When I started to notice the onset of a fitness revolution at home, it was mine Interested (See: The workouts at home are not exactly "new", but they are definitely havi.) Ng a moment)

For me, it started last year when I was sitting in a fancy New York apartment building with a nice gym which featured some shiny high-tech peloton motorcycles. (ICYMI, Peloton's original product, was a spinning bike that transmits spin classes from its Chelsea hub live and provides drivers with an astonishing 1

0,000-class bank.) At that time, the city was covered in snow – enough excuse, as far as how I am, I stay in bed all day watching Netflix. And I wondrously rode the peloton.

Back in my own life and in my not-so-fancy building, I did not work near the recommended amount for a healthy adult (at least 150 minutes ) of medium intensity aerobic physical activity throughout the week (World Health Organization) . So I decided to use the ever-increasing home workout options to turn my flat into a high-tech gym. That's how it went.

Making Home Workouts a Studio-Worthy Experience

At home, motivation is much more difficult to find both and . On the one hand, it's so easy to stay and do nothing. On the other hand, it's also much more that it's much easier to get a sweat by clicking on a few buttons on your phone or app, etc. – without commuting, changing, round trip (red face ) and in sweaty clothes) and the necessary shower before you can resume normal life. (PS Here's Your Guide to Impeccable Skin After Exercise)

If you think about it, one of the things that make group fitness classes really great is to ignite our senses: the room smells delicious and is well designed, and the Music booms keeps you in the moment.

At first, my home fitness routine felt a bit lonely and awkward, but I quickly came up with ways to reproduce a studio-worthy ambience at home. After ten minutes in my third peloton class, I pulled off my fancy spin shoes and turned off the lights. I felt awkward for about five minutes before realizing that I should have been doing it all the time. A brief obsession with improving my home to make me feel motivating and inspiring for the training took on the role.

I mimicked the aromatherapeutic technique of certain studios by lighting a citrus candle – Lafco's white grapefruit – in their cheerful yellow jar it is part of my routine at home. With no other people around me (to imitate and motivate), I found the music even more important, so I set up a Sonos Beam (a slight increase in volume helped me – not loud enough to annoy my neighbors, but loud enough to give you more inspiration). One of the most important things to make fitness at home more attractive is also the cheapest, and many will already have it: a simple HDMI cable (~ $ 7) .


My first love in the gym at home has kept its firm place in my heart. As bleak as it may be, you just can not go home without a bike – it's that simple. The instructors on Peloton's platform are popular – they have the Instagram review and the following references to prove it. The Facebook group offers 153,000 members community and support. The bike itself offers a million options. You can filter by instructor, genre or time – from 20 minutes to one hour, from country to country (you can even preview the playlist), and anyone can ride .

Once you're in class, you can be competitive (you can track your place in the class on the leader board) or like me by completely hiding them. Peloton's classes are for the most part pretty sporty (which sounds like "well, duh"), but not when compared to some of his most dance-loving competitors. However, I've found that classes like Ally Love's Sunday "Feel Good" are a good choice if I just want to let go of stress and care less about interval training. (See also: This new peloton treadmill may change the way you will forever consider running indoors.)

The bike itself costs $ 2,245 and is activated by a $ 39 monthly membership fee. However, this fee is becoming increasingly covered as Peloton extends its offerings to yoga, meditation and other fitness and wellness modalities that complement the spiders. Most importantly, I actually do it . Especially in New York it can be hard to invest in anything that takes up space (exclamation to my unused Giant instant pot), but Peloton helped me to surprise myself (as cheesy as that sounds). I started at 22 o'clock. (who am I!?!?) On some of my worst days – days I would have normally relied on Netflix and early bedtime. (See also: This small-space workout is perfect if you can not do enough for anything else.)


I've heard of MIRROR before its launch and was instantly intrigued. Cool technology is common in 2019, but that was different. The mirror is a sleek, well-designed object through which top coaches teach classes such as Pilates, Barre and Boxing. They "mirror" their movements – but you can also see your own. When you log in for the first time, you can set your goals and record any violations (and filter by type of training, time, etc.). In response, Mirror spits back the suggested classes. While a YouTube search also leads to an at-home Barre class, one of Mirror's key differentiators is the fact that the device connects to an app that connects to a heart rate monitor. The heart rate monitor can determine if you are in the ideal zone or near the ideal zone (19459005). It provides motivational messages tailored to your activity. They congratulate you on doing a good job or encouraging you to keep going or work harder. (See also: Using Heart Rate Zones to Exercise for Maximum Exercise Benefits)

I have been mainly doing Pilates classes – a type of training that is not offered by any of the other programs I've tried, but one that I want to concentrate. Since I am a relative beginner, I filtered to level 1 or 2 and especially loved it when the teacher offered changes that were safe for me. (Of course, it's important to be careful when you're alone without an expert who watches your every movement, so be safer than sorry!) Thanks to good playlists and the highly technological and totally futuristic feeling of receiving feedback, these courses have kept me going Entertaining, even if I fought through these last 10 seconds.

Yes, Mirror costs $ 1,495, but rumor has it that the camera on top of the unit will soon be used for private training as well


It's easy to pull Obé's 28-minute workout , With less than 30 minutes you can classify your fitness into the busiest schedules. The company, which was founded a year ago, prides itself on the outstanding quality of its magnetic instructors – a group that includes well-known fitness personalities such as Amanda Kloots and Megan Roup, both of whom teach strength / tone training courses and dance cardio. (Related: Megan Roup's Killer 5-Move Slider Workout for Legs and Butt)

Each class is broadcast in a lightbox that resembles a very appealing art installation rather than a gym. If you engage in the class live, you may receive an instructor shout-out, but many (not all) will go to an on-demand library to facilitate your own time training. I did not attend a single course with an instructor I did not love – each one is energetic and never stops moving, which makes it easy to follow. A cheesy highlight was an early morning Moana class on the weekend – something I would never have done. The price is also refreshingly accessible – $ 27 / month – a number that has been calibrated to be just under the average price of a single boutique fitness class across the country.


P.volve is a low-plastic, women-specific workout designed by the famous coach Stephen Pasterino (a man). Pasterino observed problems with other popular workouts – they squeezed some muscles too hard, but others did not push hard enough, putting too much pressure on their joints and causing pain or even injury. In fact, Pasterino often describes his creation as "pre-hab" because it involves common physical therapy exercises designed to activate the muscles that ignore other exercises. Many of the P.volve streaming classes I attended did not have any music, which in a sense makes you feel that you are in physiotherapy – really against the little, less used muscles. P's technique uses a lot of proprietary devices, such as P.ball's. However, if you want to test the workout before you buy all the equipment (the starter kit costs $ 60 and the streaming costs $ 30 per month), you can filter to No Equipment. in addition to the time and body part you want to target.

When it comes to P.volve, it is important to start slowly. I was able to attend a course at the Downtown Studio before I started at home, and I still had to contend with form. However, the time for introducing the introductory videos helped me understand the unique foundations of this training. The tiny movements were a heavy struggle, but by the end of the day, it really felt like I was doing something good for my body, in a slow, steady, hard-to-get way.

The Takeaway

When I set out to give up the world of boutique fitness and put all my exercises into the four walls of my apartment, I imagined it would be a passing experience. (I really thought I would regret trying so hard to train enough to expertly write about four exercise programs.) Instead, I'm not exaggerating when I say that experiment has changed my life. Training at home made me realize that it is possible to do sports almost every day if I can do it at my own time. And it was extremely encouraging, at a time when I had just given up exercising physically, my job and my busy schedule that co-existed side by side.

Although I love the energy in certain boutique studios, I plan to continue training for the foreseeable future at home. With high quality classes and revered teachers just steps away, I have no reason to apologize for failing – and for that lover of bed and television, that says a lot.

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