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How Yoga Can Relieve Back Pain


Many people start to practice yoga to relieve back pain. As a yoga teacher, I'm most often asked, "What can I do to stretch my back?" While your back may feel that it needs to be stretched out, above all, it needs to be strengthened. Our backs already have decent flexibility in everyday life. But in our daily activities – sitting at our desks, in our cars and on our beds ̵

1; the muscles that were supposed to stop us are simply stunted. If you take some time to build up the muscles along the spine, I guarantee that you no longer feel that you need a good stretch. Locust Pose is a great starting point.

Begin by lying on your stomach with your feet spread. Press the tiptoes down and into the ground. Press firmly enough that your thighs are firm and your kneecaps are actually lifted off the ground. Lift your abdomen into your spine and push the tailbone towards the floor. This stabilizes the lower back so that the upper back will do most of the work in that position. Cross your fingers behind you and push your arms as straight as possible. If this is not possible, hold a towel or a belt behind you. Stretch your arms back and then raise your head, chest and shoulders from the floor. You will notice that your arms are sliding backwards.  locust-yoga-pose Getty Images

Try to lift your hands from your body so that they are as close as possible to your shoulders. Do not pinch your chin – this can hurt your neck and does not help to strengthen your back. Stop for 5 to 15 breaths. Let it all go and repeat it 3 to 5 times. Then take the child's position to relieve your spine. Please make sure that you perform all these movements slowly and gently. 19659005]
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