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How Tyler Oakley prepared for his second season of "The Amazing Race"

Tyler Oakley and his teammate Korey Kuhl were an absolute delight in their first season of Amazing Race and they were also very good at racing around the world – they won five stages on Amazing Race 28, and they finished third in the standings. When the duo announced they would be in cast for Amazing Race 31, the fans were excited to see #TeamTylerandKorey back on their screens.

Oakley spoke with MensHealth.com about why he came back on the show and how he prepared for the new season.

Why did Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl return to Amazing Race ?

Oakley said the duo's first race around the world was so good that they had always hoped to return for another season. When Oakley and Kuhl received the call from the Amazing Race team, they said they would "drop everything" to return. However, nobody knew what the theme of the season was before filming began.

"We had heard that they might do All-Stars, maybe do a reality showdown, but we did not really know … They're doing a really good job of making sure everything is kept secret, you're attracted to them Do not see other teams checking in and dropping your phone and getting ready for the start of the race, "said Oakley. "When we all started, it was like we were really getting to the point."

And as someone who grew up and watched Survivor and ] Big Brother said Oakley, when he saw the other competitors, it came to a moment of "jamming". "I've had to keep reminding myself how & # 39; these are the competitions you can not get too close to & # 39;" he laughed.

How did Tyler prepare for his second season of Amazing Race?

Oakley explained the stamina makes up a large part of the race:

"Our biggest hit from the first time was that it's so much more running than you think, so of course my main goal was strength training, but also long-haul, Just to be able to run for a long time with a heavy rucksack It was a huge success, you think you know what matters, but it's not just about long stretches, it's about running against teams who … sometimes it comes down to the wire, and it's a sprint, so if we can do it with 50 pounds on our back in any weather, we're definitely prepared for the second time. "

Did Tyler help? Being a creator? show?

So it turns out that 7.5 million followers are really helpful if you're in another country and need help with directions.

"I think the biggest benefit of my YouTube career during the race was that fans around the world sometimes came up to me and said," Oh, you're Tyler Oakley, I never thought I'd see you ? "And if I would say they wanted a picture," "Of course you can take a picture as long as you know you're helping us figure out where we're going," Oakley said widely.

"Smallest favorite? I never want to wait, I'll always want to make a challenge that just looks like this: Go, give up the hard work and let them do it. And so you have to fish and wait there and sit there for hours! You can not do anything, "Oakley said on the" Reel It In "Approach." The locals asked us to just drop the fishing rod and just sit down. So there's no real strategy to make it faster unless you keep your fingers crossed … it's not in our hands and I hate that feeling. "

Oakley continued," My favorite challenge was to drive an elephant across the river and through a jungle in Laos. I mean, that's the epitome of The Amazing Race . Something that you woke up this morning and you had no idea that you would do it. And here you are right in the middle of everything, just something that nobody in the world has a chance to do and there you are. I really had to take a moment to appreciate it, it was beautiful and something I never did thought it would happen to me.

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