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How to train CrossFit without doing CrossFit

CrossFit is everywhere. If you have not tried it yourself, you probably know someone who did this. Your best friend's girlfriend will not shut up. Even your boss goes during the lunch break to the "box".

Since it has become so popular and many people have achieved impressive results, it is understandable to be a little curious (do not worry, you are a safe place, no one will judge you.) If you want to record CrossFit, that is However, if you go to a CrossFit gym and actually train there, that sounds like the third circle of hell, then I have the solution.

Just use some of the CrossFit methods, and you can still do that Achieve your goals and mix your style without putting your foot in a box or jumping directly with a number of WOD stars and veterans. (For the uninitiated, WOD is an abbreviation for Workout of the Day, a CrossFit brace.) [1


Strategy 1: Vary your training

One of the principles of CrossFit training is that it is "constantly diversified" This is not a new idea. In fact, Arnold himself explained how important it is to expose your body to new types of stimuli.

The human body is incredibly adaptable and responsive to new stimuli after getting used to the same training over time. In terms of fitness, this is both a good and a bad thing.

On the bodybuilding side, when properly challenged, your muscles adapt to the workouts you perform by getting bigger at what you want. The same goes for long-distance running: drive faster and farther, and your body will adapt by increasing its ability to run.

Now the difficulty is that you do not constantly give him a reason for the overreaching body simply stands out, whatever you want to do it. If you repeat workouts with equal weights week by week, your progress may come to a standstill.

  Vary Your Training

Adaptation is exactly what CrossFit tries to overcome. You will not see the same movements, weights, repeating scheme or time domain each time. The body is constantly challenged in new ways to avoid plateaus.

This may often be too coincidental for targets with hypertrophy or strength, but you can still perform the same workout and make sure that you perform the weights and repetitions or change the movements each time.

For example, do not make the same 3 sets of 15 reps of barbell bicep curls every week. Try EZ-Bar Curls, Barbell Curls or Cable Curls instead. Perform a different number of sets and repetitions and vary your position: Standing Curl, Curl Sitting or Curl-Leging.

Strategy 2: No Specialization

This goes hand in hand with the varied training component. When training CrossFit, the main goal is to increase your work capacity across multiple domains. This means that you train to improve just about anything, not to be the best in a thing.

For a CrossFit trainer and athlete, the person who is most "fit" is the person who could participate in a 5km run, Powerlifting meet, rope climbing competition and swimming meet in fifth place at each Competition. He or she may not necessarily win one of them, but may well place in each one.

Someone who is a hardened runner could win the 5km mark but finish last at the powerlifting meeting. After all, most of their efforts are not settled there. The training requirements for each modality are highly specialized and often do not even relate to each other.

If you are trying to get on stage for a bodybuilding show or to train for a powerlifting meeting, you are a true all-rounder is not what you are looking for. However, if you work out in the gym to get fitter and healthier and have some variety, you may want to take a leaf out of the CrossFit book.

For this to work in your own training, change what you do every day. Go a long way one day. Work up to 5 deadlifts on another day. Make a difficult round on the third day. The selection is endless and that's part of the fun!

Strategy 3: Doing More Multiple Exercises

Another important aspect of a CrossFitter is learning how to move your body as a whole. In the traditional sense, most of us have learned to use only one joint at a time. That is, the "usual" chest, back, leg, shoulder and arm gaps move a part of your body.

  More Multijoint Exercises

Instead of just working on a part of the body, you use your entire body body. For example, instead of limiting your footwork to leg extensions, curls, calf raises, and leg presses, add squat or deadlift variations. Add a printing press for the shoulder work. Or if you dare, try supplementing your weekly exercise routines with power-claves or overhead squats.

Taking the time to learn the right technique and practice the movements has many advantages. Full body exercises strain the skeletal muscle, which also makes your bones stronger. Strong bones become more important with age.

Multipoint exercises also stimulate the brain and body to work together in new ways. Getting the body to do what the brain wants is a real ability. This skill is a tremendous asset to everything you do, from the field to the gym, to everyday tasks.

Whether you work out to lose weight or build muscle, these great lifts are also great because they work almost your entire body at one time, which means you work more with less movement. Strategy 4: Use more equipment, not machines

CrossFitters do a great deal of work with various equipment: dumbbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, wrestling, medicine balls, body weight, axles, sandbags. Nothing is forbidden. If this appeals to you, you have it!

This means that users of the machine should go to the free weights section instead. Although machines can help to prevent the body from working with the wrong shape, they are also limiting if it is the only way to work with the muscles.

  Use More Equipment

Even If You Do not Want It When you participate in a bodybuilding competition, you want your body to be strong and fit in its entirety. Each new device challenges your body and mind in a new way and increases the performance of your body. By exposing it to new stimuli and giving it the freedom to move around in space, you also give yourself the opportunity to stabilize yourself, move on your own, and be strong through all levels of movement: front, back, and side on side.

Strategy 5: Increase your intensity

The clock plays an interesting role in CrossFit. Mostly, workouts are run on a temporary basis, with the goal of doing as much work as possible in a given allocation. Keeping on a watch can make training more difficult, which helps you achieve muscular endurance, work ability, fat loss, and even strength.

You Can Go To The Gym But Use Your Time Being as effective as possible is often a different story. Make more contacts as you move, scrolling on your phone, and doing the same movements week after week – all this is a sure sign that you're on the rise.

  Increase Your Intensity

wants to work so hard that they drool. But what you can do is check the effort you put into training. Are you breathing heavily? Are you sweating? Challenge yourself every time you go to the gym? For most fitness goals, the answers to these questions must be "yes."

You can make your workout more difficult by setting your sleep times. Do not spend more than 60 to 90 seconds. You can also see how many repetitions you can perform in a minute and try to surpass it each time, or to constantly increase the amount of weight you use. If the last repetitions of your set feel the same as the first pair, then take on a heavier dumbbell.

Strategy 6: Learning New Skills

One of my personal favorite ideas in CrossFit is "learning new sports on a regular basis". You can and should train your body to achieve the goal you are aiming for. However, it is important to remember that you are probably not a professional in any sport and that your body is the only one you have. Give him the opportunity to move in new ways.

  Learning New Abilities

This does not necessarily mean that you only have to do the CrossFit-imitated sports to apply this concept. If you've never brought a tennis racket, give it a try! Play sand volleyball with your friends, register for a football team in the city league or hit a few golf balls.

Your workout does not have to be limited to the gym. Go play!

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