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How to throw yourself “below deck”

  • Under deck is an extremely popular franchise that broadcasts on Bravo.
  • The series examines crew members working on mega yachts.
  • It’s actually pretty easy to become a performer – with one big catch.

    Exotic places! Hot sexy singles! Money! For those who haven’t had a chance to go on an exotic vacation in 2020, Bravo’s is Under deck Maybe it has become your new binge watch in the middle of quarantine. What’s not to love about a number of yachties making our escape dreams come true (aside from all the crazy long hours and drama)?

    Of course you could also wonder how you can be occupied Under deck and become the next member of the motor yacht Wellington. While it looks like Bravo is hiring a pretty face to work on one of the mega yachts unveiled over the course of the season, it takes a lot more to earn your spot as a member of the deck crew (in addition to passing it psychological tests and to fill out) tons of paperwork and other things not typical of the “normal”

    ; yachting industry as far as we know). Here’s what we know about casting Under deck.

    Employees need experience working on boats.

    Sorry for anyone looking for an easy way to travel the world and make tons of money on the side – it turns out you can do I need to have experience working with boats. According to the official casting website For the show, in addition to submitting photos and videos, you will also need to answer a number of questions related to your sailing experience:

    1. If you’ve worked on a yacht before.
    2. Level of experience (positions, ship size, qualifications, etc.).
    3. A short biography of your boating experience.
    4. A résumé to prove you worked on boats.
      1. While fans know that résumé replies can always be falsified (Example: Casey’s third stew on Casey’s botched résumé With Season 3), chances are you’ll get fired before your 15 seconds have even started. In view of the life-threatening scenarios that guests and crew have to solve in a short time, it is also helpful to gain boating experience.

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        Employees need to be prepared for cameras to be available around the clock.

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        While you need to know your way around a mega yacht before you can apply to perform, it’s still a reality show at the end of the day. Crew members need to be able to get their jobs done while being aware of the cameras capturing everything behind the scenes … even moments they don’t want the onlookers to see.

        “I think people are so tired of reality TV they think it’s five or eight steps ahead,” said executive producer Courtland Cox BravoTV.com. “We genuinely film what happens on a functioning charter yacht with people working on the yacht.”

        If you are wondering if there is a chance to get a hold of the franchise in the face of the pandemic – sorry for bursting your bubble. It looks like season 8 of the original series, which was filmed before COVID-19. That doesn’t mean you can’t shoot your shot, though, because it looks like the casting agency in charge of hiring yachties for the show is looking for some cast members on an upcoming series that sounds like very similar to Under deck. So whenever the time comes – get ready.

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