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How to survive 19.3, the latest CrossFit Open Workout

This is all about shoulders. And when you're done with it, you can not move your game anymore.

Welcome to CrossFit 19.3, the third training session of this year's CrossFit Games Open. This is one that should roast your shoulders. It's a "chipper" workout where you set your legs on fire with weighted lungees and step-ups while tiring your shoulders by forcing you to use the overhead position for those lunges.

Then it turns the script over and emphasizes the muscles in the shoulders. For the first time in the nine year history of the CrossFit Open, do handstand pushups with a stern shape. This means that none of those momentum kips that have saved so many handstand pushups in the past are playing a role.

Your biggest key to this training: you need to move. Even Elite CrossFitters have to contend with this: Lauren Fisher and Alessandra Pichelli competed against each other after the announcement and both failed to complete the training. This is about your handstand push-up; Expect to reach this stage of training, but you know that many people simply do not finish training.

I fought my way through practice on Friday morning and did not finish. I did up to 33 repetitions on the handstand push-ups before time ran out. If you want to survive, keep these tips in mind:

The Workout

  • 200-Meter Dumbbell Running: Hold the dumbbell overhead in one of the two hands and hold it 200 feet long , [1
    9659008] 50 Reps, Barbell Stepup: Hold a dumbbell anywhere (by your side, on the shoulder) and alternately perform step-ups for 50 reps.
  • 50 Strict Handstand Pushups: Kick your feet against a wall in the handstand position. Do 50 handstand pushups without lowering your legs and using an explosive kip. (Need a handstand refresher? We've covered you in the video below.)
  • 200-Meter Handstand Walk: Walk 200 meters on your hands.

    You have 10 minutes to complete the workout. In order for the training to qualify for the games, you must use a 50-pound dumbbell and climb onto a 24-inch box.

    Your Big-Picture Schedule

    My best advice for this training: Get out of the gates hard and fast and really take the lunges and box jumps. You need to feel uncomfortable here and try to push 80 to 85 percent of your capacity for the 6 to 8 minutes that most of us need to master the first parts of the job.

      People doing handstands together in the gym "title =" People doing handstands together in the gym "class =" Lazyimage Lazyoad "data-src =" https://hips.hearstapps.com/hmg-prod.s3 .amazonaws.com /images/people-doing-handstands-homether-in-gym-royalty-free-image-487702373-1552082846.jpg?crop=1xw:1xh;center,top&resize=480: * "/ >> 19659015. Erik Isakson </span><span class= Getty Images

    Do not go at a tempo and hope to be fresh with the handstand for the pushups later on. Why? First, you're done with your legs after the lunges and the box jumps Leg movements make your heart rate beat faster If you do not stop the handstand pushups, the time you spend performing lunges and step-ups becomes your foray. As you move through the early part of the race, you can do some earn one hundred (or a thousand) places in the rankings. [19659006] Attack Each Exercise

    So you should take care of the movements in 19.3. Also, caution: this may start easily, but will come to you very quickly.

    Dumbbell over head lunge

    Change dumbbell from shoulder to shoulder every 25 feet

    You'll be tempted to make heroes early while your shoulders are fresh. But do not take the bait. it will haunt you when you come with the handstand pushups. Change hands every 25 feet. Do not change your hands over your head. Bring the dumbbell to the floor, quickly shake the arms and then bring them back with the opposite arms.

    This keeps you balanced and relieves your shoulders and core and allows you a few quick breaths.

    Start with your weaker arm too, because then you can finish the lunge sequence with your strong arm.

    Step by Step

    There are two ways to lunge: You can merge your feet after each repetition, or you can go through one step, skip this step, and immediately proceed to the next lunge. Do not waste time. Enter the back leg into the next lunge.

    If you're struggling with lunges, kick your feet from the front. My strategy of passing through proved itself early, but later I trampled.

    Big step to the end

    If you are only a few inches from the 25-foot line, try to finish strong. Take bigger steps to leave this line – and fewer steps. Do not waste any steps or precious time under tension for your shoulders.

    Dumbbell Box Step-Ups

    Let the dumbbell rest on your shoulder

    The rules state that you can hold the dumbbell in any position. So let's get the shoulders and torso as good as possible for the pushups for the handstand. Choose a shoulder and let the handle of the dumbbell rest over it. Support it gently with one hand. The goal is to be as passive as possible with the upper body, so that shoulders and biceps do not span.

    While facing the corner of the box

    side, there is less step by step your feet. When you get tired, you have to swing your foot around the box.

    Chase big sets

    Try to be as unbroken as possible without having to rest and lay your dumbbell. Keep your feet moving and invite your girlfriend to take along lactic acid!


    I found this easy, but you must have a tread pattern! My legs were not taxed by this, but I was constantly wondering which foot I should lead (you have to take turns). This slowed me down and caused mental fatigue and a few repetitions. I honestly could have saved 45 seconds to a minute if I had previously practiced a pattern.

    Handstand Pushups

    Plan ahead so you do not retake

    Know your rigorous handstand push-up game and plan accordingly. For the majority of people, I would strongly recommend doing one repetition at a time. Really. Kick the wall after each repetition, shake your arms and kick up again. So you can move without mistakes.

    Also plan your rest period. It is easy to rest too much or too little between the handstand push-ups. Make sure you also have a plan for it.

    No hero sets!

    Yes, it's tempting to start and start a big set. For most, this will come back to track you and later lead to failed retries. Do not take the bait.

    Wide Hand Position

    To shorten the distance you need to push up, take a wide hand position as far as possible within the control limits. If you are not used to this, you play with different positions during the warmup. (Editor's Note: A Warning: A wider hand position puts your shoulders in a more vulnerable and prone to injury position.)

    Chalk your hands before you start, and place your palms exactly in the outer limits the box so you know where your hands should be. I did not do that and it made my hands too tight for many sets, which made my repetitions more difficult and made me fail earlier.

    The Handstand Walk

    Congratulations for making it so far! You probably will not be able to feel your shoulders. But if you can get to that point and walk on your hands, you fight for every step possible. If you are an experienced handstand runner and can perform large sets, do so. If not, shoot five to ten meters at a time, then come out and shake it out.

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