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How to sit the wall: A great exercise to prevent the runner's knee

Walls are everywhere. Even in the deepest, darkest parts of the landscape, there are several stones stacked on top of each other to prevent sheep from running around freely and terrorizing the neighborhood. Yet, most humans or sheep have probably never considered a wall as a perfect device to improve the power and tone of their legs. That will change, at least for humans, when he gets to know the advantages of the thigh wall.

The wall seat strengthens your lower body, especially your thighs, and improves endurance, so you should be a little bit more sprightly at the end of your next long run. Especially sufferers of the runner's knee could benefit from a wall seat because the strengthening effect they have on the quad muscles can help prevent this condition. You probably think that an old distance is sufficient, but complacency in terms of proximity to the wall is the only real danger that exists when sitting on the wall. If you're too far away, you'll miss the wall completely and can hit your head. If you are too close, you can not put your legs in the right position during the exercise.

Lean your upper body against the wall with your feet shoulder width apart. Then push back and slide down the wall until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Your knees should be over your ankles and bent at right angles. Hold the head, shoulders and upper back against the wall and hold the position.

Hold between 20 seconds and one minute, rest for 30 seconds and repeat the process. Repeat this process three to five times, trying to add five seconds each. The next time you exercise, try to sit 1

0 seconds longer for the first time.

Variations of the Wall Seats

Weighted Wall Seats

The easiest way to continue the exercise is to add some weight. You can hold a medicine ball, a dumbbell or a kettlebell in front of your chest or put a weight plate on your lap. Either way, it will increase the effort for your legs and core.

One-legged wall seat

As you might expect, lifting a leg makes exercise much more difficult. Go to the standard position and point one leg straight in front of you. This increases the load on your standing leg and core, which must withstand the natural tendency to tip over.

Gym Ball Wall Seat

Your thighs are stretched during the standard. However, if you find that your inner thighs loosen slightly, you can aim directly at them by holding an exercise ball between them during exercise. You can use an inflatable ball or, for bigger challenges, a heavy medicine ball. If the exercise is too difficult for you, just drop the ball (assuming the floor can handle a hit from a heavy medicine ball) and see if you can reach the end of the time you are aiming for in the standard wall sitting position.

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