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How to process an Instant Oatmeal package to make a delicious and hearty breakfast, so R.D.s

As much as I would like to make oatmeal every morning from scratch, the reality is that I do not always have time. I still want a breakfast that leaves me as content and energetic as is usually the case with oatmeal, but it must be something that I can conjure up promptly and quickly.

Enter instant oatmeal packages. Although they are often vicious, their comfort can not be denied. All you have to do is add hot water, wait a few minutes, and you're done eating. I admit, however, that I do not always feel as satisfied with a package of oatmeal as after a bowl of homemade oat, and registered dieticians tell me that there are some reasons why this is likely to happen.

Instant oatmeal is more suitable for a snack than a meal for the energy it provides. Wendy Lopez MS, RD, CDE, tells SELF. Lopez recommends that meals provide significantly more calories than a pack of instant oatmeal alone can provide. But it's not just the lack of calories in a single oatmeal packet that makes you hungry. In general, they are also in the nutrients that satisfy you, such as fiber, protein and healthy fats, Abbey Sharp, RD and author of the Mindful Glow Cookbook tells SELF.

Fortunately, there are a few super easy ways to turn a ready-made oatmeal pack into a well-rounded meal, even if you do not have enough time or prepare it from the office. This is where RDs break up their favorite methods to give the comfortable breakfast a boost of nutrition.

Boil the oats in something other than water.

Just because you can cook instant oats in boiling water does not mean he's the only option you have. If you're in a hurry, Lopez says adding nutrient-rich, liquid bases is an easy way to make your breakfast fuller without worrying about it.

Abby Langer RD, strongly recommends the use of dairy milk. if you do not avoid Dairy for some reason. "It adds calories, protein and fat to make the oats more satisfying," she explains, "and with milk they're 100 percent creamier."

If you avoid dairy, Lopez says you can achieve the same effect by adding a nutrient-rich, non-dairy liquid source, such as pea milk, which contains 8 grams of protein per 8-ounce serving.

If you are preparing your oat from home, use nutritious take away ingredients to spice up your fridge.

The beauty of oatmeal is that it's the perfect base to just add anything. And there are many ready-to-use ingredients that will make it more nutritious and satisfying and that you can get straight from your fridge or freezer.

Sharp likes a bunch of Greek yogurt and some frozen berries, but you could also use quark and frozen pineapple or whatever you prefer. If you are in a hurry, everything is fine.

If you do not have time for breakfast before you go to work, you should store durable ingredients at your desk to add to your porridge.

Every now and then Something unexpected happens in the morning, and you do not have enough time to prepare breakfast before work. Luckily, instant oatmeal is one of the things that you can easily make in the office, and there are a number of shelf-stable linings that you can store at your desk for those moments.

"Nuts, seeds and nut butters are all great, durable toppings that add extra protein, fiber and healthy fats," says Sharp. Dried fruits are also a good choice, explains Langer. And fresh fruit that does not need refrigeration, like bananas or apples, is also fair game.

And you can use savory ingredients like hard-boiled eggs or vegetables.

If you're one of these lucky people who have a fridge in your office, you open up a world of the tasty options for your oatmeal . Add a hard boiled egg and a dash of olive oil and Parmesan or garnish with roasted vegetables that you can prepare at home.

The most important thing is that there is almost no way to instantly confuse oats. No matter how you put it to the test, it will taste great.

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