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How to master the EZ-Bar Curl

Advantages of the EZ-Bar Curl

If you want a bigger bicep, the tools you use and not the exercises you choose and the variables you manipulate can be the key to faster muscle growth. Using an EZ bar with a wavy grip stimulates greater muscle activation in your biceps than either a dumbbell or dumbbell. This emerges from a study of the Journal of Life and Environmental Sciences . If your gym does not have an EZ bar, you should use a barbell that provides more muscle activation than dumbbells.

Instructions for the EZ Bar Curl

An EZ Bar Curl is very simple. Stand with your shoulders apart, knees slightly bent. Holding an EZ bar with your arms outstretched, move the bar toward the chest and keep your elbows on the sides. However, it is also easy to misunderstand the intricacies ̵

1; nail your shape with these tips.

EZ Bar Curl Form Tips

1. Strong Wrists

EZ Sticks have a wavy center section that allows a semi-supinated grip. As a result, the biceps can be effectively isolated with a joint-friendly handle. You want to keep your wrists in the strongest position by turning them toward your body to "lock" and stabilize the joint. If you are a seasoned lifter, you can remove your wrists from your body to reduce the role of the forearms and enhance the biceps. Always warm yourself first and do not over-lift, as this puts heavy strain on the wrists.

. 2 Engage the Biceps

To get a bigger bicep, you need to make sure it lifts as much as possible. Therefore, you need to turn off any impulse so your muscles do more work. Start with your arms fully extended, with your taut triceps, and then initiate each repetition by pressing your biceps. Do not start swinging your elbows forward. Keep tension on your bicep and continue to squeeze the bar as it rises. When you are on top of the move, squeeze the bicep hard, then lower the bar slowly and extend your arms all the way down before beginning the next repetition.

. 3 Tight Elbow

For a standing corrugation, the elbows should remain close to the sides for the duration of each repetition. As your elbows move up or forward, it relieves the tension of the biceps, and you want them to do as much work as possible for maximum growth. If you are sitting on a preacher bench, your elbows and the upper arms of your upper arms must rest against the padding. If you can not lift the bar without the elbows moving, whether standing or sitting, the weight is too heavy. Reduce it.

. 4 Tucked Shoulders

When standing, pull in the shoulder blades and lift your chest to keep your upper body as upright as possible. This prevents the upper back and shoulders from bending forward, resulting in a poor posture that increases the pressure on the joints and reduces the range of motion that allows you to move the bar. When sitting, you should also restrain your shoulders to avoid leaning forward over the bench for the safest lifting position.

Leveling Head

Always make sure your head is held up throughout the set, and keep your head and neck aligned by focusing on raising your chin. It can be very tempting – especially if a set of hard – to drop the chin towards the chest, but it presses on the neck and upper spine, which intensifies when the bar is raised and causes the shoulders to roll forward , Stand in front of a mirror so you can watch your form and focus on keeping your chin up and keeping your head and neck in alignment.

EZ-Bar Curl Aid Movements

Add these exercises to your workouts to train the muscles involved

EZ-Bar Reverse Curl

Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your feet close together , Hold an EZ-bar with an overhand grip with your hands straight out to your hips. Hold the elbows by the sides and pull the bar up towards the chest. They stop just before your forearms are vertical. Avoid swings to create momentum.

Zottman Curl

This movement targets every muscle on the front of your upper arm in each repetition, using both biceps heads (Brachii and Brachialis) on the way up and the brachial adialis if you are descenting by hand go downstairs. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and roll it up to chest height, then turn your palms down before lowering your waist, focusing on your forearms.

Biceps Curl

Sit on a bench that is tilted between the two sides 30˚ and 45˚, in each hand a dumbbell. Keep your back flat on the bench and elbows near the sides, and lure both dumbbells at shoulder level. Press your biceps up in the movement and slowly return to the start.

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