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How to lift a hanging knee

If you've tried to make a six-pack in the past, you're probably more than familiar with crunches. But this exercise alone will do little to help build abdominal muscles. Crunch-like movements target only your upper abdominal muscles, so you can pack two with a low enough body fat, but you will have four times less than the full month. That's why it's important to give your lower abdominal muscles as much exercise time as your upper ones, and only a few movements are better suited for this than hanging the leg. But it's also one of the best because it not only trains your lower abdominal muscles, but also activates your entire core to develop strength in the deep-seated stabilizing muscles of your midsection ̵

1; and also challenges your grip and forearms.

How To Lift Hanging Knee

Hang on a chin-up bar or gymnastic ring, holding your body straight and with an overhand grip. Bend your knees and lift your legs with your lower abdominal muscles until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Lower control. Strive for repetitive sets to completely fatigue the target muscles, and the slower you can perform each repetition – with complete control – the better the results and the faster you see them.

Hanging Knee Raise Variations [19659006] Hanging Oblique Knee Increase

Switch the focus of the exercise to the oblique edges by stretching the knees up and not up. The slanted surfaces that run along the sides of the central abdominal muscles play a key role in turning your upper body and stabilizing your spine. For this exercise, switch to the side where you lift your knees up.

Hanging knee twist

Another variant of the hanging squat, which aims at the oblique rather than the central core muscles. This time, keep your knees up and turning slowly from side to side.

Hanging Leg Raise

Hanging the toggle is a great exercise in itself, but is often seen as a way to progress on the way to L-sit, one of the best – and hardest – abdominal exercises in the business. Hang with a straight body at a bar with a handle. Put on your abdominal muscles and lift your legs, holding them straight until they are at a 90 ° angle to the trunk. Then let your legs back under control to the start.

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