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How to keep your kids teeth and what not to eat video

Making children aware of the value of healthy eating is quite a battle today. First, children do not listen and secondly, children are more prone to fast food, junk food, sweets and anything that is delicious, and they can damage their teeth and have no nutritional value. Healthy diet promotes good health and along with this healthy diet, a child can have good oral health. Of course, eating unhealthy foods can lead to tooth decay, bad breath and other mouth problems.

For your children to have healthy oral and dental health, you must teach your children the right eating habits. In the video, our experts report that children between the ages of 7 and 1

7 should have a balanced diet. You need to give your children a diet rich in protein, minerals, calcium and fiber. Children can easily get fiber in fruits and vegetables, and if a child is not vegetarian, it can have a protein rich diet with meat and eggs. Dairy products are also very important. Carbohydrate rich nutrition is important for children for better oral and dental health and energy.

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