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How to get rid of blackheads

Whether it's blackheads or some other type of acne, "pimples have only one way out, and that's over," Dr. Joshua Zeichner, Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research in Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City.

But – you knew this would come – that does not mean you should push them out with your fingers. "Most will eventually come out and we can help them use current products," he says. "Imagine the face with thousands of pipes connecting the oil glands to the skin's surface," Dr. Signatory. "Acne occurs when the lines are clogged." They fill up with oil and dead cells.

To reopen the pipes, you do not have to add extra steps to your life. For the most part you can switch to anti-blackhead products that already fit in your usual routine.

First try to wash salicylic acid.

Change from your usual facial cleanser to one that contains salicylic acid. It is not complicated. You can find them in the drugstore ̵

1; often on the label on the front "salicylic acid facial cleanser".

What most people do not know is that they need to keep them on their skin for a moment so they can do their thing. Signatory. "I usually ask people to put the underwear on their face, lather them until they sing Happy Birthday, and then rinse them off."

Next, use a salicylic acid product to apply

Use no salicylic acid product left on your face. These are often spot treatments, but you can apply them anywhere in the affected area (Dr. Zeichner likes Kamedis acne spot treatment). "It's the same active ingredient that's contained in the wash, but in a higher concentration, so keep it on the skin before going to sleep so it can work overnight," says Zeichner.

Nasal strips may work. [19659005] It's satisfying to check the nasal strip to see what came out when you used it and pulled it off Dr. Zeichner says they can be effective: "You just have to be careful if you have sensitive skin, though You exfoliate or use topical retinoids. These can make the outer skin layer more sensitive.

See document

If nothing works and you are really suffering from comedones, contact a dermatologist who can prescribe topical retinoids for you Prescription products contain higher levels of retinol products that you can buy in groomsies over the counter and they may be the ticket to cleanse your skin.

And if you can not resist …

There is a possibility to perform extractions that can do less damage than squeezing, extract after a warm shower If the skin and oil in your pores are soft, apply light pressure down on both sides of the pore, ideally with two Q-tips, not with your fingernails, "says Dr. Draftsman," when it's ready to come out "If not, leave it alone!" Too much pressure can destroy the outer layer of the skin and traumatize the skin, leading to possible infections and scars can result. The result is that it looks worse than if you had left it alone. "

Or just forget to pick it yourself, and you'll be pleased to hear about extractions from Dr. Watson. Pimple Poppers Blackhead Removal Extravagances like this great and this classic.

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