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How To Get Family Tickets For The Half Price Of Tough Mudder For Kids

Try, as you might stop them, children become muddy. So instead of fighting it, why not embrace it? And with a hug, we do not mean to let them jump into a puddle you're passing by, we're actively looking for ways to make them roll around like a pig, you know. And one of the best ways to do that is to participate in Lidl Mudder, the Tough Mudder event for 5-12 year olds.

The course adheres to the Tough Mudder ethos, which encourages teamwork to overcome obstacles. For example, one of the obstacles is a miniature version of the Everest obstacle, where every runner has to be pulled to the top. A laser labyrinth and monkey rings are also included on the quarter mile track, which runners will complete four times to learn and master obstacles. [1


You can find Lidl Mudder classes at Tough Mudder Classic events, with pre-sale fees of £ 10 and on this day at £ 20. However, Lidl offers 800 family ticket packages at half price. The package includes a parking space, entry for two children, so you will not be forced to choose your favorite, and two adult tickets. You will need to visit a Lidl and get a booklet in the store to get a discount code that you can use when buying tickets on the Tough Mudder website.

Not only at the age of five to twelve, but also at the age of five to twelve, the children are taller than 1.1 meters in order to attend and be accompanied by an adult or a guardian with an audience ticket.

The fun is not limited to the course, even with face painting, a mud picture, goody bags and a bicycle blender to make smoothies.

Buy Tickets | £ 10, viewers £ 10

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