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How to fix your bench press, says an expert

The bench press is legendary. It was never replaced as a measure of strength. For so much upper body muscle that he has contributed to the structure, but this is also the culprit, which causes as many injuries, such. Tense tendons and torn rotator cuffs. The reason is quite simple: if the bar hits your chest when pressed, you are most likely at risk.

Many men do that and that's it They are often a problem as they are older and less mobile. When the bar falls completely on the chest, the elbows spread at the bottom of the movement. If you lift the dumbbell from this position from the chest, a ton of pressure is applied to the shoulder joint. If you go all the way down, it makes no difference in building muscle – it can actually hurt.

To find out how far down the bar should go, hold a broomstick or a PVC pipe in both hands and stretch your arms across your chest. Keep your elbows close to the body and pull the handle (or tube) towards the chest. Stop just before your elbows spread – probably a few inches above your chest. This is as low as you should when you use bench presses to avoid injury.

This method actually ensures that you do more to keep your targeted muscle groups energized, which in turn promotes more muscle building.

Bench press is a weightlifting that you can do all your life – but only if you get it right.

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