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How to do the lat pull-down

Pull-ups are phenomenal for upper body strength and muscle building, but they are heavy. Terribly hard To the point where many people will miss out on a few pull-ups, if that's the reason that can really kill your motivation during a workout.

Fortunately, the lat-pull-down comes to its right. It involves a similar movement to the pull-up and challenges muscles, arms and grip in the middle and upper back, but you have more control over how much you lift, and you can slow down the pace to quickly increase your muscle mass. [19659002] As the name implies, the movement targets the latissimus dorsi – the large, flat muscles in your mid-back. Latissimus dorsi means "broadest back" and underlines the power of this step because it gives you a strong back. A strong back is also crucial for a strong chest, so the more you work on your lat pull-downs, the better you can get big on bench presses.

However, this is one of the worst moves in the gym. Normally, one sees someone leaning back and pulling the bar toward the chest to start moving with their body weight. This not only means that the lats do not work properly, but additionally put strain on the pelvis and lower back. To make the most of this step, your reps should be slow and controlled. That's how you do it right.

Lat pull-down procedure

Adjust the pad so it fits snugly on the thighs to minimize movement. Grasp the pole with a wide handle and look forward with your upper body straight. Pull back the shoulder blades and pull the rod down to the chest in front of you. Press your lats at the end of the movement. Resist the temptation to sit back to support the movement.

As you'll be sure to find out soon, your grip is usually the first to give up most of the pull, especially on this lift, as gravity makes everything flow into your arms. To make sure that your back is trained hard enough, reduce the weight once you have left the grip so that you can continue with the movement, and strive for a high number of repetitions that will keep your lat muscles in question provides.

Best ways to improve grip strength

Lat Pulldown Variations

Underhand Latdown

Change the handle of the rod so that you can place it with your palms facing forward and the Hand hold wide apart. By switching to a grip under the hand, you recruit your biceps to help with the movement. This has the additional benefit of losing some weight to your lats when tired towards the end of back training. Holding the bar with this underhand handle, pull it down below the level of the chin, holding the entire chest area up. Pause at the bottom of the movement, then take the rod back under control.

Wide Pull Lat Pulldown

The wider your grip, the more lats you need to work during the exercise. Their grip should be quite wide, even with the standard version of lat pulldown, but with this option, you'll be putting your hands up to the ends of the bar. Otherwise, the form is the same as the default lat pulldown. Pull the bar down to the torso, pause for a moment while squeezing your lats together, and bring the bar back under control.

One-sided Latzug

This one-armed variant works on each side of your body individually. This is a great way to make sure that a stronger side does not perform all the heavy exercises (or pulling in this case) as in the standard exercise. Put the rod back into the machine with a handle and hold it away with the palm of your hand. Turn your palm while pulling the handle down before slowly returning to the starting position. Do all reps on one arm and then switch to the other.

Straight Arm Pull-Down

It can be difficult to avoid overloading the arm muscles with the standard pulldown, it really focuses on the lats, try the straight arm version. Get up for this exercise and hold the bar forward 15-20 degrees with your arms straight. Pull the bar down to your thighs, keep your arms straight and then bring them back up slowly.

Close the bib nipple down to the triceps

You should not feel the burn in your triceps A standard pulldown – if you are, it means that you are not taking the lats as you should. However, this variation of movement hits the upper arms hard. Kneel in front of the machine with your body upright. Hold a short pole over your head and hold your palms forward. Pull the bar down by placing your elbows on your sides. Then push the bar down and keep your elbows on your sides. Return the movement to return to the starting position.

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