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How to do the barbell shrug

Small movements can lead to big gains, and the dumbbell shrugs may show this better than any other exercise. Because the movement is so small, you can put a lot of weight on your pole, and all of this means that strength and power in your upper back will be considerable.

The dumbbell is aimed primarily at the traps you answer to the challenge of moving the heavy weight used for the movement by getting bigger and stronger. So if you hunt a monster in the upper back, the dumbbell of the shrug is a movement that speeds up your pursuit.

How To Do The Barbell Shrug

Get up and hold a hand bar outside the thighs. Lift the shoulders straight, hold in this raised position for one to two seconds, then lower it back to the beginning. During the exercise, make sure that you keep your shoulders and spine and elbows straight.

Barbell Shrug Variations

Barbell Shrug Behind the Back

Hold the rod in both hands behind your back to get a variation The exercise, which is slightly more focus on the middle traps than on places the upper traps that are the focus of the standard motion. Be careful not to overload your shoulders or upper back with this option.

Dumbbell Shrug

When you use a set of dumbbells instead of a barbell, each side of the body acts independently so you can balance imbalances in your strength. Hold a dumbbell in each hand at the waist with your palms facing each other , Pull your shoulders up, take a break for a shot or two, then lower it again to the start.

Dumbbell upright between shoulders

These two exercises both work on the upper back, and the combination makes them an effective double punch. Hold two dumbbells at the waist in one grip. Use your upper back, row the weights to the chest, elbows, and then with your shoulders to lift them slightly higher. Then lower the dumbbells back to the beginning.

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