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How to counter the fear of rejection in a relationship

Have you ever felt constrained in a relationship? Take a moment and consider whether you feel free and connected with your partner. If you live with a partner who is extremely judgmental and causes feelings of rejection, then you should above all love yourself.

It can be difficult to face such feelings face to face. They often forget how to react in such situations, and life can be quite difficult. The fear of rejection is best overcome by attacking them directly. But how does that work? Everything in life is uncertain and most relationships in our lives involve risks. Here are some ways you can overcome the fear of rejection and find your freedom:

Stop Being Uncertain

If you believe that everyone in your life rejects you like this, as you are, you will actually end up creating such situations. Uncertainty makes you aware of everything that signals to people that you can prevent them from increasing their fears. When your fears become reality, then fear deepens into the mind and becomes reality at every point of the way.

Rather than looking for rejections, look for the signs of acceptance. The people around you will love you more if you give them a positive atmosphere.

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Think positively and move forward

The positive thinking mentioned above promotes a positive outcome , To overcome the fear of rejection, you need to feel positive and focus on what you want to achieve in life. Tell yourself "I'll make the right decision" or "I'm definitely out of this situation" when you're in a difficult situation.

In some situations it is prone to be vulnerable.

It is important that you clearly express your thoughts and feelings. If you feel that someone has said that this is unacceptable and hiding your thoughts can be dangerous to you and your relationship. You should not keep your feelings inside and should deal with them to avoid bitterness in the relationship.

Do not be a victim

When you feel like a victim, negative feelings take over your mind. A negative view of life just makes it harder to deal with. Regardless of what your partner says (the negative things), you should focus on the strengths in your life that make you strong enough to tackle difficulties.

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Develop Realistic Expectations

Most expectations exceed reality, but that's just what you should not be. Expectations always lead to disappointment because we as humans always make mistakes – sometimes deliberately and sometimes unintentionally. So, if your partner lets you down, do not assume that he did it on purpose. It can be a mistake made in defiance.

Finally, it should be remembered that this is not the end.

Overcoming rejection is not easy, but not the end of the world. Dealing with it is the only way to overcome it. If you can survive with the negativity, you can survive the rejection. You have been strong enough to face rejection, and soon you will get over it when you focus on the right things in life – yourself. People only hurt us if we allow them to. Do not let someone else decide who you are and what you deserve. Your luck is in your own hands and you are the only one who can take it out of the palms of someone who does not even deserve you.

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