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How to clean your freezer easily

If I hate something more than to clean my fridge then my freezer will be cleaned. Even though I do not know how to prepare a meal without all the frozen soups and smoothies that the device allows, and I probably use it more than anything else in my kitchen, I clean it once a year (twice when I do) do it) I'm really good). However, definitely needs to be cleaned more frequently . Otherwise it is baked with ice cream and littered with scratches and crumbs – not a good home for food that I would like to eat someday.

I rarely clean my freezer because I always thought there was no way to do the job without doing it. It's a whole test. I've been taught that you should defrost it every time, no matter what, to give ice accumulation a chance to melt. That can take hours and hours, sometimes even up to a full day. However, before I can wait for the ice to melt, I must also find a way to avoid accidentally spoiling frozen food in it. This means that I have to strategically plan clean-up sessions for these moments between the grocery shopping trips when my freezer is virtually empty. In short, what a nightmare.

However, as it turns out, you never have to thaw your freezer completely if you play your cards properly. According to Becky Rapinchuck, the inventor of Clean Mama keeping the freezer compartment does not have to take all day, as long as you have some tools, regularly scheduled cleaning sessions, and tricks to keep it fresh. These are all their tips and tricks to keep the freezer tidy and clean.

First: Prevent the formation of ice so you do not have to worry about defrosting.

If you've noticed, your freezer tends to build up ice, your problem may be that you open and close it too often and too long, says Rapinchuck. She says if you never open the freezer door for more than a minute, you should never have problems with ice formation. This is mainly because modern refrigerators make sure that too much ice is formed, she says. "The ice does not build up as it did with older, less efficient models," she explains.

Perform a monthly mini-cleaning to check for leaks, crumbs, etc. and wipe. [19659013] At least, Rapinchuck says you need to clean your freezer twice a year. The more often you clean, the less intense your cleaning sessions will be. If you notice an overflow that was not there before, please do not wait months to mop it up. By then he's probably covered in ice anyway. Do it now, and your freezer stays clean longer.

If you need or want defrosting at the end, you do not have to unplug the power cord and worry about your clothes getting bad. There is a simpler trick.

Rapinchuck says if you need to defrost your freezer, she says you can simply melt the ice with a warm washcloth and hot soapy water – you do not need to pull that sucker.

You are ready to clean it, all you really need is a damp cloth.

She says you first want to remove everything from your freezer so you do not miss stains or stains that might cause it. Then use a vacuum cleaner with a hose to absorb loose crumbs. Then wipe the shelves with a slightly damp cloth (detergents such as vinegar or baking soda are not required here). If you're trying to thaw ice, use warm washcloth and hot, soapy water. If the ice is really there, she says, you can also use a chisel to take it off. After doing all this, dry out the shelves and put everything back in.

And here are some tricks to keep it clean in the meantime.

So her freezer does not get messy, Rapinchuck says the secret is to keep everything super organized. It uses freezer-friendly baskets and containers to store similar items with similar items. In this way, meat, such as meat, can not contaminate frozen fruits or vegetables accidentally. She also keeps a box of open baking soda in one of her shelves so that the funky, freezing scent does not form.

Use these tricks and your freezer will become the coolest and cleanest freezer in the city.

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