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How to be a modern mother on your daughter's wedding day

Your daughter's special day is approaching and you have to take care of your dress with all the arrangements and tasks you have forgotten. It's high time to decide on an outfit, but the thought of having all those eyes on you gives you cold feet.

Is this your current situation? Well, do not worry, you're not alone with this worried mother of the Bride syndrome. Pull your chin up, take a friend, and see the latest in the city. You will definitely find something tempting. And to give you a bit of a headache, here are some tips on how to create that special, modern look of the mother to give you confidence.

Not Matching Matching Outfits

It is true that your outfit should be coordinated, but that does not mean it should be the same. Although it is good to get a color closer to the bride's dress, an independent color is just as good. Remember that there is no "right" way to dress as a mother of the bride. If you find an outfit that will make you happy, just give it a try and get your daughter's opinion. If it is comfortable and flatters your body, it is good to go. If you do not want a dress, then take a skirt and a blouse. Even pants are good as long as the jacket is rich and elaborate.

Independent Designer

There are many designers who are talented and talented. If you feel like you do not have time for a shopping spree, just visit some renowned designers. You are sure to get in the way that makes you happy. There are many good places out there if you are looking for modern mother of Australia wedding dresses. You can also search online for new, fresh collections.

Hats On

Hats can make you look just as cool and smart. An interesting hat gives you this sophisticated look. If the wedding takes place in a garden or in a rural setting, opt for a more casual hat. If you need a few keywords, take a look at those worn by the royal family or red carpet trends. It can save you if you feel nervous when you lay down your hair.

Bag or Clutch

You know that you can not be separated from your regular handbag because it has all the key features like phone, keys and make-up. However, it must be left behind on the wedding day because a special occasion requires a special bag. A chic, sparkling clutch will give your outfit a nice touch.


Jackets are a great complement to keep you warm as well. Make sure it has a clean cut and is richly worked. If the weather does not bother you, you can get an embroidered top jacket that will give you an elegant touch that will make you stand out.


Last but not least, shoes play an important role in your role as mother of the bride. Not only do they have to look perfect, they also have to fit well. Uncomfortable shoes tend to reduce your movements, so get something that suits the venue. When it's outside, get flat or high-heeled sandals to help you navigate the sand. If it is a formal wedding, you should be suitable for any type of dress glittering black or pearl white.

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