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How this personal trainer lost 110 pounds

Losing weight is not always a linear journey. Often you will encounter setbacks, but it is important to push forward, as Dennis Heaney can attest. The 46-year-old New Yorker was a lifelong athlete until the stress of doing two jobs kept him out of the gym. After reaching 325 pounds, Heaney found his way back to fitness and is now a part-time personal trainer. This is his story.

The Basics:

Weight at my heaviest : 325 lbs

Current Weight: 242 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 11

0 lbs

Height: 6 & # 39; 2 "

Age: 46

Lives in : Wantagh, New York

Growing up, Heaney was an all-round athlete who played baseball, basketball and football.

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"The gym was a big part of my life." I married at a young age of 23 [and the]bearing the responsibility to support a wife and an employed daughter.I have neglected myself to care for my family enabling the best of life to end my physical activity, which led to poor eating habits that led to the beginning of my weight gain. "

The weight continued to increase after Heaney started two jobs supporting his family.

"I changed jobs and had to do two jobs because of the massive pay cut, working 18 hours a day, spending only a few hours with my family, and I would not be selfish and take this time for myself I had to make sure I was always there for whatever they needed, I guess I forgot that person I used to be and I became a father and husband. "

But eventually Heaney realized he was a better one Father would be if he stopped neglecting his health.

"One night, my youngest said," Daddy comes and puts me to bed, please. "She ran up the stairs, and I tried to catch her, but halfway up I could not gasp, my chest was taut, and I tried to make it right." After breathing heavily, I sat down on the stairs and held my chest tight and I told myself I had enough. [I] woke up with a new mindset the next morning. "

So Heaney returned to his first love: fitness.

"I entered my local gym and I went back to the age of 18, but this time I had difficulty lifting weight without breathing heavily, so I walked onto the treadmill – within five minutes I was done. I was so deflated I'm a top athlete, now I can not even run for five minutes I sat depressed in my car and wanted to cancel my membership Then I looked at my cellphone [and] the picture of my two daughters on it I wanted every day for they are there. "

After months of fighting, Heaney was ready to give up – but he did not.

"I thought I knew everything, but what I knew past was no longer working for me, once again [I had] another moment that I wanted to stop, this time I started reading everything I learned about nutrition, I understood more about what your body needs and what you personally need to see results.

  Dennis Heaney Weight Loss

Because Heaney

started after about a month my scales were less tight, I made it, I was on my way back. "

But his mother's stress, family responsibilities, and death made Heaney fall back into bad habits.

"I had many hurdles to getting where I am right now, I lost 40 pounds [and] and won back 30. I quit many times, and family, work, and other tasks always took precedence over me. 19659027] People think that weight loss is just about gym and diet, there are many factors that contribute to your success, your positive mentality is important, and my mother's death made it even more difficult Depression. "I gave up again."

However, he came back on track thanks to the memory of his mother's strength.

"I was training to run the Long Island Marathon – for some reason this was a bucket list of mine – I remember running with combed headphones across the water, tired, hot and wanting to give up I remember seeing a Morning Glory Flower on a pole and I stopped because it was a flower that always reminded me of my mother, and I remember leaning against that pole screaming, " Mom, please help me! "I just heard her say," Dennis gave up the crap, getting up! "At this point, not only did I finish my 10-mile run, I ended up with one added another two-mile sprint. "

  Dennis Heaney

Dennis Heaney

After losing 110 pounds, Heaney felt better. So he decided to help others by becoming a personal trainer.

"I felt better when I was in high school, my knee problems disappeared, my back problems stopped and I could breathe again! The physical change was only part of it." My attitude changed: I understood that I was not selfish I was a good example of my kids, so besides my full-time job, I was also certified as a personal trainer, my goal is to share my story and help others to change their lives, As I've done. "

If you're having trouble losing weight, Heaney offers two simple strategies:

Ask me," Hey, what's your secret? " I tell them to set goals. No resolutions for the New Year that we seemingly never meet, or unrealistic goals. Set a daily goal: "I'll drink four glasses of water today" or "I'll order a burger, but instead of fries, I'll eat a salad." At the end of the day you have reached your goal. It may not seem huge, but you did it. Be proud.

My biggest suggestion is [to] a lot of fun – you should enjoy your trip! Be happy when you go to the gym and smile when you walk or run.